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AdvaGenix and Leading Edge Genetic Testing: How Being Paid Can’t be Overlooked

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AdvaGenix’s Journey

AdvaGenix is a universally advanced genetic testing laboratory supporting the most progressive bioinformatics platforms for detecting, annotating and classifying genomic variants associated with multiple disorders including heart conditions, metabolic and pediatric diseases, oncology for people with active and hereditary cancers, and more. Dr. William G. Kearns is AdvaGenix’s President and Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Kearns completed a three-year fellowship in genetics at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Schoold of Medicine, and is a medical geneticist and an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Widely known nationally and internationally for his expertise in genetics, one of Dr. Kearns' particular passions is in testing strategies so that IVF patients can produce a healthy baby.

Dr. Kearns said, "AdvaGenix began as an IVF center and over time, morphed into the comprehensive genetics laboratory it is today. We leverage the analytic power of artificial intelligence, facilitating variant visualization, interpretation, and annotation of genomic variants. AdvaGenix is the first all-encompassing preimplantation genetics laboratory to employ next-generation sequencing for all testing."

Samples are accepted from all over the world as long as the patient has a medical necessity.

Reflecting on AdvaGenix's beginning, Dr. Kearns said, "We started AdvaGenix to provide expert care to patients and outstanding services to clinics, hospitals, and practices."

"ADS completed our technology circle with their own technology and expertise for getting us paid so that AdvaGenix can continue to provide cutting edge genetic testing, ultimately helping to improve peoples’ lives."

Dr. William G. Kearns, President and Chief Scientific Officer


On the technology side today, AdvaGenix uses a state-of-the-art LIS, Beckman’s Biomek i7 Hybrid Liquid Handler for automated liquid handling, and the world's largest sequencer, Illumnia's NovaSeq. These are only three examples of the high-end technology relied on by AdvaGenix.

Dr. Kearns recalled that with all of AdvaGenix's state of the art technology, one critical piece affecting the laboratory's very existence was missing. "That's not an over-dramatization or exaggeration. The problem was we weren't being paid correctly, or at all. With tests, resources, and assets being so expensive in genetics, anything less than maximum insurance reimbursements on a timely basis can close your doors. That was the missing piece," Dr. Kearns said.

The problem was solved when MedicsRCM, with its team of genetics coders and billers, was engaged to handle AdvaGenix’s revenue cycle management concerns.

Laura Kearns, AdvaGenix's Administrator, said, "We were impressed with how MedicsRCM had setup and coded over one hundred different CGX, PGX, and genetics panels, and with their MAC-specific billing experience such as with Novitas and First Coast Palmetto. MedicsRCM gave us an assessment of how they'd be able to significantly improve our cash flow - which we couldn't believe - and how they'd increase our productivity at the same time. MedicsRCM did exactly that. We were disappointed as to how much revenue we weren't capturing but elated at how quickly that was turned around by MedicsRCM. Our only regret was not engaging with MedicsRCM sooner."

Dr. Kearns closed by saying, "MedicsRCM completed our technology circle with their own technology and expertise for getting us paid so that AdvaGenix can continue to provide cutting edge genetic tesying, ultimately helping to improve peoples’ lives."

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