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End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management for Cardiology

We Guarantee to Increase your Revenue in 90 Days!

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Intelligent, Hands-Off RCM Services for Cardiology

Cardiology and its high-value procedures calls for an RCM service that can capitalize on those procedures both through maximized coding and by capturing patient balances especially with patients now being among the largest of payer groups.

MedicsRCM has increased clients’ revenue by 10% - 20% and sometimes by up to 30%. We guarantee to increase yours as well in 90 days while easing your staffing issues and technology expense with Team and software included with our service.


Why MedicsRCM for Cardiology?

Our team of +300 billing, coding, and workflow experts works behind the scenes to alleviate your staffing issues and our billing and financial software is available at no additional cost helping to reduce your technology expenses.

We support:

  • transparent, on-demand access to all of your data
  • eligibility verifications on scheduling and up to four times prior to appointments
  • out-of-network alerts on scheduling through our Rules Engine with displays of in-network cardiologists, if any
  • displaying copayments on scheduling
  • our Rules Engine patient responsibility estimator for capturing those amounts based on your financial policies
    • a more accurate amount can be provided as patients exit
  • our Denial Preventer® avoids a majority of denials proactively with others edited and resubmitted within 72 hours
  • claim tracking in real-time to ensure your claims are being processed
  • balance-due texting option with payments directly through the reminder
  • secure online payments through our portal
  • patients contact MedicsRCM with statement questions
  • our own telemedicine platform provides mobile encounters for which we can bill
  • our remote patient monitoring option enables you to monitor blood pressure, EKGs, glucose and more
    • RPM can produce extraordinary revenue while providing extreme convenience to patients
    • eliminates in-office staff time and resources
    • RPM is a perfect adjunct with our telemedicine, or either can be used separately as needed

On the operations side clients can use our:

  • multi-modality scheduler for a variety of appointment types and scenarios
    • scheduler can be centralized or by place of service
    • our interactive appointment reminder texting option is available for reducing no-shows and keeping productivity maximized
  • portal which supports appointment requests or live scheduling (your choice)
    • patients can complete major portions of intake in advance through the portal
  • comprehensive, on-demand cardiology financial and management reports, KPIs, and dashboards
    • reports are reviewed regularly with clients
    • clients can compile their own reports at any time to the extent they want
    • they’re displayable in a variety of user-defined dashboards and views
    • reports can be rolled up or segmented by any number of filters
  • built-in CRM to track any marketing campaigns
  • kiosk which supports e-signatures and more for further simplifying and automating intake
  • task manager feature for ensuring assigned follow ups are completed

MedicsRCM supports single or multiple tax IDs, and an unlimited number of locations.

EHR versatility: Our clients can use their existing EHRs interfaced with MedicsRCM, or the fully integrated MedicsCloud EHR, or no EHR with our electronic superbill.

"It was important for us to find a billing resource that understood both cardiology and telehealth services. We were looking for a resource we could trust to help us continue our strategic growth, and we felt ADS RCM checked all the boxes with their expert billing and coding team."

Robert J. Beto, M.D.


90 Days to a Healthier Revenue Stream, Guaranteed!

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