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How an “On the Move” Optometry Practice Thrives Financially with Optical Billing Software

About South Florida Internists Group

Located in the heart of Miami between Little Havana and Coral Gables, South Florida Internists Group (SFIG) is a high tech, progressive, and leading edge practice comprised of four physicians whose specialties include internal medicine, family medicine, cardiovascular, and rheumatology.

SFIG manages the health and wellbeing of thousands of patients treating a multitude of health issues and overseeing patients’ health maintenance.

SFIG’s Administrator, Trudy Herdocia, MBA, HA, said, “As part of an accountable care organization (ACO), we really need to be tuned into our patients’ healthcare. We’re affiliated with Mercy Hospital but we work intensively to keep hospitalizations to a minimum, and to minimize re-admissions for any patients who do require hospitalization.”





South Florida Internists Group
Miami, FL

Mercy Hospital:

Mercy Hospital

ADS Systems Used:

MedicsCloud Suite
Electronic Health Records
Practice and Financial


SFIG relies heavily on automation to keep them apprised of each patient’s medical condition and status, and to help them operate at peak levels financially and operationally.

Ms. Herdocia joined SFIG, noting, “The practice had implemented one system for EHR and another for practice management (PM). The interface between them actually worked well but neither of the systems was adequate for what was needed. The physicians did not like the EHR and its functionality, and the staff had similar comments about billing, claims, scheduling, and reports.”

“I saw exactly what they meant and suggested looking at Advanced Data Systems (ADS) and their MedicsCloud EHR and PM solution, having been familiar with ADS and Medics f r o m a p r e v i o u s p r a c ti c e . The EHR was shown in depth to our physicians who immediately saw how it would improve capturing encounters for all of our specialties, and the functionality it would provide in making them more productive in less time which is especially critical being part of an ACO,” Ms. Herdocia said.

Ms. Herdocia continued, “The staff was taken in by the comprehensiveness of the system’s EDI, claims, claim tracking, denial management, alerts when scheduling if any of our providers are out of network for the patient, pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications directly from the scheduler, reports, analytics, and so much more.”

The decision was made to migrate from their existing systems to Medics. “The ADS Programming team worked diligently and accurately on completing the data conversions, and the Implementations team was on schedule in training and deploying the software,” Ms. Herdocia said.

SFIG now comprehensively manages patients’ clinical and medical information and care while operating at peak efficiency, and with maximized revenue spearheaded by the system’s nearly 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims.

Ms. Herdocia said, “The software is intelligent and intuitive. Patients and staff love the portal. Our patients’ medical and clinical information is being managed and tracked as needed within an ACO. Revenue is being generated better than ever, and productivity, workflow and efficiency are at an all-time high. ADS and Medics represent an ideal combination of vendor and software.”

“Our physicians immediately saw how the EHR would improve capturing encounters…making them more productive in less time which is especially critical being part of an ACO.”

Trudy Herdocia, MBA, HA


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