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High Profile Orthopaedics Practice Fully Utilizes Technology Solutions from ADS

About Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Located in the MAC I Medical Arts Building adjacent to Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ, Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine treats patients with a full range of orthopaedics and sports medicine-related procedures.

Stuart J. Fischer, MD of Summit Orthopaedics has served as Chair of Surgery at Overlook Hospital. Dr. Fischer is affiliated with the Center for Ambulatory Surgery in Mountainside NJ and Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston NJ.

Dr. Fischer is Editor-in-Chief of www.OrthoInfo.org which is the patient education website of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. It is also the largest orthopaedic patient website in the world.



Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
Summit, NJ

ADS Systems Used:

MedicsEHR for Orthopaedics




As a member of two prestigious surgical subspecialty societies - the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America - Dr. Fischer is also very much “into” the technology side of orthopaedics.

Dr. Fischer said, “Treating patients orthopaedically today involves a high degree of automation use, from diagnostics, to PACS for images, to equipment used in surgery. We embrace these types of technologies at Summit Orthopaedics, all of which ultimately benefit our patients in terms of outcomes and being put back on the road to recovery.”

Another key piece of automation for patient care and wellbeing is the practice’s electronic health records (EHR) system. “Each patient’s record is electronic; we have moved completely away from paper and paper files. Our EHR is used to help manage patient progress, to monitor medications prescribed, to handle our transcription, track surgery information, and so much more,” Dr. Fischer said.


The EHR used by Summit Orthopaedics is MedicsEHR from Advanced Data Systems (ADS).

Dr. Fischer noted, “MedicsEHR is excellent for orthopaedics, with orthopaedic-specific templates and content. It has helped remarkably in eliminating redundancy, paperwork, and having to rifle through patient files to find needed information. Everything we need to see relative to the patient’s medical or clinical information is stored neatly on the patient’s MedicsEHR record. That also includes things such as images, digitally handwritten clinical notations on those images, and reports to referring physicians.”

Dr. Fischer remarked that it is the patient who ultimately benefits by Summit Orthopaedics using MedicsEHR. “In fact, we make sure our patients know we use an electronic system for their records. We explain the importance of EHR and why that should be relevant to them. Our patients “get it” and have a comfort level in knowing their medical information is stored securely instead of on sheets of paper in a file that can be misplaced.”

As for obtaining Medicare incentives for EHR use, Dr. Fischer said, “What we found remarkable was how the ADS Meaningful Use (MU) team stayed with us, guiding us in the steps needed for system registration, and then ensuring our attestation was satisfactory once our MU milestones were satisfied. This was very much appreciated. Our incentive payment arrived exactly as anticipated, about six weeks later.”

On the practice management (PM) side, Summit Orthopaedics uses the MedicsPM system, also from ADS.

Doreen Jacobs, Summit Orthopaedics’ Practice Administrator, commented on MedicsPremier by saying, “The system is thoroughly comprehensive in everything it does, and it does a lot.”

“Off the bat, the system is excellent for orthopaedics EDI with its ability to segregate patient cases since often, one patient can be seen over time for a number of different reasons,” Ms. Jacobs said.

Same-patient cases involve injuries from an automobile accident, a work-related accident, an injury sustained at home, or an injury gotten while participating in a sports activity. Ms. Jacobs noted, “A good orthopaedics-based PM system must be able to clearly make those distinctions on the patient’s profile and MedicsPM does that perfectly.”

MedicsPM is used to proactively pre-check patients’ coverage directly through the appointment scheduler. “For example, we can take all patients who have an appointment next Thursday and check their coverage all at once. “Red flag” items are clearly displayed with their reasons for being highlighted. Those issues can be addressed with patients in advance, with our staff offering any assistance that we may be able to provide,” Ms. Jacobs said.

Ms. Jacobs uses the system’s reports extensively and regularly to discern how Summit Orthpaedics is doing financially and operationally.

Ms. Jacobs said, “MedicsPM reports are so comprehensive, yet user friendly. We configure and compile them in formats that work best for us, from revenue produced by procedures performed, to comparing reimbursements by payer for like procedures. We run Summit Orthopaedics like the business it is with MedicsPM’s reports.”

Ms. Jacobs commented on the systems working together. “The MedicsEHR and MedicsPM operate in tandem as a single, unified system with data flowing back and forth between them effortlessly.”


Dr. Fischer spoke about the practice’s history with ADS. “We have been an ADS client for almost twenty years, having started with the Medics II system. After about ten years, we transitioned to MedicsPM since we wanted a graphical, mouse driven program.

“We were a little apprehensive. Medics II served us extremely well and we didn’t want to trade solid cash flow for a better look and feel. In short order, MedicsPM proved we had nothing to worry about. In fact, MedicsPM very quickly showed itself to be far superior to Medics II, and with the functionality we wanted,” Dr. Fischer said.

Dr. Fischer added, “Efficiency, workflow, cash flow, productivity, return on investment and security are things we are constantly reminded of with ADS and the Medics suite.”

Ms. Jacobs concluded by saying, “A twenty year track record of success with one vendor is almost unheard of, but it is exactly what we have with ADS. Add to that the excellent software systems produced by ADS and there is a winning combination that is hard to beat.”

"Efficiency, workflow, cash flow, productivity, return on investment and security are things we are constantly reminded of with ADS and the Medics suite."


Stuart J. Fischer, MD


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