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Free Webinar: Transform Your Practice with Speech-Enabled EHR


Transform Your Practice with Speech-Enabled EHR:  Ravi Venkataraman, MD

Our guest speaker, Ravi Venkataraman, MD (“Dr. Ravi”), is Medical Director of Pain Centers of America. 

Dr. Ravi will demonstrate how he uses Medics FlowText™ from ADS with Dragon Medical™ for the seamless, automated inputting of text into the patient’s record as part of dictating the report, and how this capability has greatly increased productivity at his practice. 

See how Dr. Ravi can:

  • Instantly dictate his notes into his EHR and
  • Have data go directly into the patient’s record

See why thousands of providers in every practice size and specialty rely on systems from ADS!

Simply fill out the form on this page to view the Free Webinar! 

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