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Multi-Specialty Healthcare Billing, Clinical Charting, and CMS Initiative Compliance

MedicsRCM Guarantees to Increase your Revenue



MedicsRCM for multi-specialty settings

Multi-specialty groups and networks need multi-dimensional healthcare billing services.

High volume billing including HCFA, UB, Workers Compensation, and No-Fault claims for any number of specialties are easily handled by MedicsRCM, as are family/guarantor claims and billing.

And, we’ll guarantee to increase your revenue by up to 20% over whatever service or system you’re currently using!

You can consolidate your staffing, increase efficiency, and reduce your technology costs with:

  • our +300 person team of behind-the-scenes billers, EDI, appeals, workflow, and analytics experts is built-in at no additional cost
  • credentialing, prior authorizations, and insurance discovery options available as needed
  • no-cost access to the MedicsPremier financial and management platform
  • unlimited tax IDs, entities, providers, system operators, and locations all especially critical for multi-specialty settings

Transparent, end-to-end multi-specialty healthcare billing services

Billing, revenue, financial features designed to protect revenue in advance with benefits that include:

  • eligibility verifications on scheduling and up to 4 times pre-appointment
  • rules engine out-of-network alerts on scheduling; selections for any in-network providers
  • patient responsibility estimator on scheduling for reducing patient balances in advance
  • pre-submission Denial Preventer® avoids many denials; others are edited/resubmitted within 72 hours
  • real-time claim tracking; clients can also track their claims as they wish on-demand
  • NCCI alerts when claims should be bundled
  • current year’s E/M coding alerts for maximized revenue
  • rules engine alerts on claims that can be submitted at higher value

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Patient engagement and mobility

Our mobility and connectivity options include:

  • Patient Portal for 24 x 7 engagement, connectivity, and online payments
  • Telemedicine for easily-invoked sessions and their associated revenue
  • Interactive Reminder Texting for appointment and balances-due
  • Kiosk for expedited intake

Scheduling and workflow for multiple specialties

Access our GetApp® award-winning workflow/revenue-generating scheduler:

  • easily schedule related specialty appointments for same or different days/times
  • schedule centrally or by place(s) of service
  • specialty-specific and multi-modality scheduling features
  • workflow drives provider and resource productivity

Multi-specialty analytics, KPIs, dashboards

MedicsRCM produces and reviews an array of financial/management KPIs, analytics and dashboards:

  • clients can also compile their own reports any time to the extent they want
  • generate reports centrally, by place of service, and by specific parameters (providers, procedures, etc.)
  • highly user-defined, drill-downs, exports to Excel
  • users can save, name, and schedule reports to compile automatically

EHR, clinical charting, reporting, and versatility

With access to the MedicsCloud EHR and ideal for almost any specialty, MedicsRCM clients will have comprehensive clinical charting and reporting, and will be able to comply with complicated CMS initiatives:

  • Cures Act-Certified
  • AUC/Clinical Decision Support option embedded as needed
  • MIPS statistics compiled for reporting

On versatility, clients have three EHR options:

  • use the certified MedicsCloud EHR almost always at no cost with a variety of multispecialty templates
  • use your existing EHR interfaced with MedicsRCM
  • use no EHR with our e-superbill

Solutions that drive profitability

"During this extremely difficult (COVID-19) time we could NOT have asked for a better business partner than MedicsRCM to handle our EHR and billing. The MedicsRCM team has been truly amazing in helping to retain revenue to keep our business running, and to be there for our patients."

Charles Saha, MD

Park Avenue Medical Professionals, NYC

90 Days to a Healthier Revenue Stream, Guaranteed!

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