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Transparent, End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

MedicsRCM maximizes your claims, capturing patient balances, and econimizing your processes.

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"During this extremely difficult (COVID-19) time, speaking for our clinical and business side, we could NOT have asked for a better business partner than MedicsRCM to handle our EHR and billing. Everything has been working without a hitch. And as far as billing, with all the confusion from the government and payers, the MedicsRCM team has been truly amazing in helping to do the right thing as far as attempting to retain revenue to keep our business running, and to be there for our patients, especially with telemedicine and their remote patient monitoring resource."

Charles Saha, MD

Park Avenue Medical Professionals, NYC


Enhancing everyone’s processes and experience

Our patient engagement and mobility tools include telemedicine, an option for remote patient monitoring of patients’ vitals, a self-service patient portal, interactive texting, and a kiosk for expedited intake of in-office visits, all of which are iOS/Android-friendly.

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Get the most revenue possible

One of the ways MedicsRCM generally increases revenue 10% - 20% is by ensuring our clients’ claims are submitted at their highest possible value without over-coding. Another is how we support a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims. We support out-of-network alerts, batch eligibility verifications, EOB reconciliations via ERAs, and more.

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Collecting balances due after insurance

Patient responsibility balances are growing by the minute. Access our pre-appointment patient responsibility estimator to provide alerts for approximations as to what they’ll owe. As patients exit, display for the more exact amounts based on their actual procedures. Eliminate surprises, and be in a much stronger position to obtain at least partial payments.

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To EHR, or not to EHR

Your EHR options couldn’t be better! You can (1) use our recommended, certified MedicsCloud EHR which is ideal for any number of specialties, or (2) use your existing EHR with an interface to our system, or (3) use or no EHR with our electronic superbill. With MedicsRCM, you’re never forced to drop a system you like in order for us to work together!

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Features Built to Boost Profitability

MedicsRCM Client Update on COVID-19
and Related Items

April 13, 2020

Hoping you, your family, friends and coworkers are safe.

You deserve a special “shout out” for being on the front line in treating people who have contracted the virus, and for providing healthcare to non-virus-related patients. You certainly have your hands full.

With you as our most valued asset, we’re happy to report the MedicsRCM Team continues to successfully operate remotely in an effort to maintain our Priority One goals: keeping them safe so they can keep you operating uninterruptedly financially, operationally, and clinically.

When speaking with any MedicsRCM Team member, you might hear children, perhaps a barking dog, or other “non-traditional” background noise. That might actually be a good thing! It brings a sort of home-felt sound to the call, albeit unintentional.

Our telemedicine (TM) feature – available to MedicsRCM clients at no cost as the COVID-19 crisis continues – will help you maintain contact with patients as you’re able to provide online encounter sessions which are automatically timestamped. Add to that our remote patient monitoring (RPM) option for real-time readings on blood pressure, glucose, EKGs, SPo2 with heart rate, temperature, and weight, and you’ll have a powerful, all-around automation solution being called for today.

Equally as important - especially as in-office visits may be down - is how TM encounters and RPM readings provide a dual revenue stream.

Click here to see our most recent TM/RPM webinar.

Wishing you all the best in these trying times, and that we’ll all quickly be “back to normal” personally and professionally. 

The MedicsRCM Team

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