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The Complete End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Service for Mid to Large Healthcare Organizations

Ensure your claims are maximized, your patient amounts due are paid, and your processes are efficient and effective. 

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Get The Most From Insurance Reimbursements

Get the most - not the least - from insurance reimbursements

Claims are scrutinized by MedicsRCM, ensuring maximized reimbursements without over-coding. This is just one of the ways we usually increase clients’ revenue by 10% - 20%. And, we maintain a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA and UB clearinghouse claims with WC and NF available as well.

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Collecting Your Ever-Increasing Patient Balances

Collecting your ever-increasing patient balances

With patients among the largest of payer groups, successfully collecting their balances after insurance and copayments is a must. Tap into our system’s patient responsibility estimator to help ensure you get every dollar from every patient.

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Enhancing everyone’s experience

Positive patient experience is a priority but let’s not forget about your RCM experience as well. MedicsRCM has the tools needed to keep everyone in your network happy, engaged, and having a great experience.

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To EHR, or not to EHR

Your EHR options couldn’t be better: use your existing EHR interfaced to MedicsRCM, or we can suggest a new EHR, or use or no EHR with our electronic superbill!

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Features Built to Boost Profitability

A Hitch-Free Transition

Enjoy a “full speed ahead” migration to MedicsRCM without missing a beat in claims submission, or revenue production.

Keyword: Transparency

MedicsRCM clients are able to see all of their own data securely 24 x 7 x 365. Nothing is ever hidden; our clients see what we see!

Specialty-Specific RCM

The MedicsRCM team is experienced in virtually every specialty including those with very specific billing requirements.

Medicare, Medicaid and More

MedicsRCM submits HCFA and UB claims to virtually every payer as well as claims for workers’ compensation and no-fault.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

We make certain that patients coming through your door have been pre-verified, and that their coverage is valid.

Patient Statements & Calls

MedicsRCM handles patient statements and takes calls from patients who have statement questions. Patients call us…not you!

Denial Management

Denials are edited and resubmitted within three business days of them being denied, turning them quickly into revenue for our clients.

ERAs / EOBs / Check Scanning

MedicsRCM posts your EOBs and scans / posts check payments daily to ensure clients’ accounts are accurate virtually up to the minute.

Fee Schedule Review & Analysis

e ensure your fee schedules are up to date, and we continually perform analytics to support a “best fee schedule” approach.

Assistance with Provider Enrollment

The MedicsRCM team works with clients on provider enrollments as may be needed to avoid any gaps in submitting claims.

Account Receivable Management

Your payer and patient accounts receivables are diligently worked, keeping your number of days outstanding to a minimum.

KPIs, Reports & Analytics

MedicsRCM regularly provides you with - and reviews with you - an array of analytics; clients can also compile their own reports on-demand.

Hispanic Counseling

“When we began with MedicsRCM we had revenues delayed for almost 180 days. Now, the vast majority are under 30 days.”

Gladys Serrano | Chief Executive Officer

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Gladys Serrano


See more patients. Collect more money. Generate more revenue.

Let MedicsRCM show you how you can boost practice profitability and productivity.

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