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Transparent, End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

MedicsRCM maximizes your claims, works to capture patient balances, and economizes your processes.

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Get the most revenue possible

MedicsRCM typically increases revenue 10% - 20% with our proprietary Rules Engine and 2021 E/M coding expertise, ensuring claims are submitted at their highest possible value without over-coding. We support a nearly 100% success rate on 1st attempt clearinghouse claims. EDI for out-of-network alerts, batch eligibility verifications, EOB reconciliations, and options for insurance discovery for “uninsured” patients, and for credentialing.

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Collecting balances due after insurance

Patient balances are growing by the minute. Access our pre-appointment patient responsibility estimator to provide alerts for approximations as to what they’ll owe. As patients exit, display more exact amounts based on their actual procedures. Eliminate surprises and be in a much stronger position to obtain at least partial payments. We process patient statements, have balance due texting and online payment options, and patients call us with statement questions.

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Enhancing everyone’s processes and experience

Our patient engagement and mobility tools include telemedicine, an option for remote patient monitoring of patients’ vitals, a self-service patient portal, interactive texting, and a kiosk for expedited intake of in-office visits, all of which are iOS/Android-friendly.

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To EHR, or not to EHR

Your EHR options couldn’t be better! You can (1) use our recommended, certified MedicsCloud EHR which is ideal for any number of specialties, or (2) use your existing EHR with an interface to our system, or (3) use or no EHR with our electronic superbill. With MedicsRCM, you’re never forced to drop a system you like in order for us to work together!

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Features Built to Boost Profitability

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MedicsRCM have any tools for mobility and engagement?

Can we use an EHR with MedicsRCM?

RCM Resources

You might have questions you still want answered but don’t necessarily want to talk to sales. Don’t worry! We’ve found that the resources below address many of the questions we get asked.

"During this extremely difficult (COVID-19) time we could NOT have asked for a better business partner than MedicsRCM to handle our EHR and billing. The MedicsRCM team has been truly amazing in helping to retain revenue to keep our business running, and to be there for our patients, especially with telemedicine and their remote patient monitoring resource."

Charles Saha, MD

Park Avenue Medical Professionals, NYC

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