Electronic Prescribing Software

e-Prescribe Accurately and Securely

Screen-Electronic-Prescribing-Software.pngMedicsRx improves patient care and practice efficiency by combining the robust features of comprehensive prescription and medication management along with the ability to electronically transmit prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy.

Handwritten prescriptions and the numerous problems they present are eliminated with MedicsRx electronic prescribing software.

Comprehensive features include:

  • Transmit prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy, including those for controlled substances as called for by certain state DOH mandates
  • Automatically retain each patient’s prescription data for easy look-up
  • Quick completion of refill requests
  • Comprehensive drug information instantaneously available: medications, allergies, and formularies
  • Providers can create their own “favorites” list of medications
  • Eliminate: lost paper prescriptions, illegible handwriting, out-of-formulary medications for that patient
  • Greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, phone time with pharmacists

MedicsRx for transmitting prescriptions is a built-in feature within the Medics EHR.

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