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RCM Services or In-House Platforms for Enterprise Organizations

Organizations and networks with high volume, complex billing/claims/payer scenarios rely on MedicsRCM or the MedicsCloud Suite for maximized revenue and optimized, intelligent efficiency.

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RCM or In-House

MedicsRCM or the MedicsCloud Suite drive the financial and operational results needed by single or multi-specialty enterprise organizations:

  • end-of-month hard closes
  • predictive analytics across your spectrum
  • proprietary rules engine for complex claim/payer scenarios
  • software customizations to suit the client’s needs
  • exports to G/L systems
  • de-identified KPIs
  • master patient indexing supports any number of tax IDs

Protecting Revenue in Advance

Be confident in knowing you’ll be paid by insurance and patients:

  • MedicsRCM supports eligibility verifications and out-of-network alerts on scheduling
  • up to four additional pre-appointment batch verifications
  • Patient Responsibility Estimator from the scheduler for clients to alert patients about after-insurance balances 
  • view co-payments from the scheduler
  • pre-submission alerts on claims likely to be denied
  • Insurance Discovery option for patients with no insurance information
  • the MedicsCloud Suite accommodates these protections as well, with clients enabled to perform as many pre-appointment verifications as desired

Comprehensive EDI

Claims no doubt represent your pathway to being paid. You’ll want to be tightly interwoven with them as they wend their way through your payers’ queues:

  • MedicsRCM clients enjoy a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA/UB/WC/NF clearinghouse claims through triple claim scrubbing efforts
  • our proprietary rules engine ensures claims are at their highest possible value
  • 2021 E/M coding rules knowledge and NCCI edits bolster reimbursements and reduce denials
  • we oversee claim tracking in real-time to ensure your claims are being processed; you can do the same with on-demandtransparent access to all of your data
  • denials are edited/resubmitted within three business days
  • your high-volume EOBs are accurately reconciled electronically
  • MedicsCloud Suite clients have access to EDI functions as well

Engagement and Mobility

You encompass an impressive ecosystem of patients, providers, staff, services, and resources. Features/options from MedicsRCM and the MedicsCloud Suite keep everyone connected when using:

  • the MedicsPortal which supports secure online payments 
  • Telemedicine for easily-invoked, revenue-producing remote sessions 
  • Kiosk for expedited in-office intake
  • Interactive Reminder Texting for appointments/balances due pointing to the portal for payments

AI in Click-Free EHR

MedicsRCM clients have no-cost access to the MedicsCloud EHR; it’s also part of the MedicsCloud Suite.

With the MedicsCloud EHR:

  • use our Medics Me app to comply with CMS’ 21st Century Cures Act and,
  • our clinical decision support option to comply with CMS’ AUC initiative
  • speed-up and humanize encounters with voice commands and navigation
  • eliminate time spent on placing cursors correctly in the next field
  • transcribers complete patients’ records in one pass when also using a system such as Dragon Medical One
  • 2021 E/M coding is calculated during the encounter and transmitted for claims submission

If preferred, clients can use their existing EHRs interfaced with MedicsRCM or the MedicsCloud Suite, or use no EHR with our e-Superbill!

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"With 250 system users and 40 locations, we needed a system that would ensure tight, role-based access and optimized revenue and cash flow. Medics has been the ideal system for us."

James Olver, CEO

Horizon Family Medical Group

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