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Medical Scheduling Software

It Also Schedules Appointments!


The Medics Scheduler is actually a comprehensive management, workflow, and revenue protecting / revenue generating system feature that goes beyond scheduling appointments.

A wide variety of processes can be performed from within the Medics Scheduler including:

  • Access to the patient responsibility estimator and co-payment amounts
    • Remind patients of both while scheduling the appointment
  • Batch insurance eligibility verification
  • Alerts if the provider is out-of-network
  • Pre-authorization work lists
  • Warning and alert notes
  • Multi-modality scheduling when multiple resources are needed
  • Array of scheduling-related reports can be generated  

For multiple locations, scheduling can be centralized or by place of service with views on both. Likewise, scheduler-related reports can be generated across the enterprise or by place(s) of service.

  • Medics Interactive Texting works to dramatically reduce no-shows and encourages confirming or canceling appointments simply by replying to texts.
  • Texts are also excellent as balance-due reminders especially with online payments enabled through the MedicsPortal.
  • Medics Interactive Texting is an excellent way to keep patients engaged and their experience positive. For you, it’s ideal for keeping the reception area filled and revenue flowing.
  • Click here for details on Medics Texting.

Contact us for more information on the Medics Scheduler and for an overview of the MedicsCloud Suite and all of its time-saving, experience-enhancing features for your patients, and for you!