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Top Healthcare Business Trends for 2022 (eBook Recap)

Visits through a Virtual world, Portals, and Artificial Intelligence? No, it’s not another Steven Spielberg blockbuster. It's a look into ...

5 min read


Outsourcing Your Medical Billing? Top 10 Things to Consider

If you have wondered whether you should be outsourcing your medical billing, this article will highlight all the reasons ...

5 min read


Top 6 Healthcare Business Trends for 2022

It’s not easy to predict the future, but it is easy to go through statistics and recommendations to help you ...


10 Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice in 2022

Keep in mind that, unlike just a few decades ago, attracting new patients today to a medical practice can be more complex. This is mainly ...

4 min read


Top 10 Medical Billing KPIs Your Practice Should Be Tracking and Why

If you don’t know what’s happening inside your practice in the back office in terms of billing and accounts receivable, how can you expect ...

4 min read