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Simplified Remote Patient Monitoring

Increase revenue while providing a better, healthier patient experience.

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MedicsRCM and Remote Patient Monitoring

Our RPM option empowers you to:

  • derive significant revenue through RPM services and billing
  • provide better, more convenient virtual patient care
  • reduce hospitalizations and readmissions

Our RPM option eliminates office visits, your staff's time, and the in-office resources generally needed to monitor vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, and more!

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CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring

Because we know the codes and billing for RPM, you could generate well over $100,000 in additional revenue per-year/per-doctor using our RPM option. And, you can likely do so without having to add even one new patient!

  • 99453: Remote monitoring of physiologic parameter(s) (e.g., weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory flow rate), plus initial set-up and patient education on use of equipment. (Initial set-up and patient education of monitoring equipment included; do not report 99453 for monitoring of less than 16 days.)
  • 99454: Device(s) supply with daily recording(s) or programmed alert(s) transmission, each 30 days. (Initial collection, transmission, and report/summary services to the clinician managing the patient.)
  • 99457: Remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services, clinical staff/ physician/ other qualified healthcare professional time in a calendar month, requiring interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month; first 20 minutes.
  • 99458: Each additional 20 minutes (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure.)
  • 99091: Collection and interpretation of physiologic data (e.g., ECG, blood pressure, glucose monitoring), digitally stored and/or transmitted by the patient and/or caregiver to the physician or other qualified healthcare professional, qualified by education, training, licensure/ regulation (when applicable) requiring a minimum of 30 minutes of time, each 30 days.
  • Codes 99492, 99493, 99494, 99484 Behavioral Health Integration (BHI): There are many conditions covered under the BHI umbrella. Eligible conditions include any mental, behavioral health, or psychiatric condition, including substance use and other disorders. The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) generally includes treating provider, behavioral health care manager, and Psychiatric Consult.

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"We value how we’re now empowered to capture every maximized dollar for every patient visit. Medics has produced an incalculable return on investment."


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