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You can’t just be a billing service.

You can be the vehicle your clients drive for engagement, mobility, and patient experience while increasing their revenue, productivity, and workflow. 

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Monumental EDI

Monumental EDI!

Using our Medics PM system on your servers or in the cloud, you’ll support a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA/UB clearinghouse claims for your clients; submit their workers comp and no-fault claims as well. Enable them to perform pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications from the Medics scheduler, or do it for them. Let clients track their claims in real time and quickly edit and resubmit denied claims, or do both for them. Reconcile their EOBs almost instantaneously via ERAs. Monumental EDI makes you indispensable to your clients!

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Impatient Receivables

Impatient Receivables

Your clients are becoming impatient about their ever-increasing patient responsibility amounts after insurance. Your Medics PM system gives them the tools they’ll need to capture those balances immediately on scheduling their appointments with access to the Patient Responsibility Estimator from the Medics scheduler. Your clients can also get out-of-network provider alerts during scheduling, as well as reminders on copayments.

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Reports and Analytics

KPIs, Reports & Analytics

Our system’s reports are flexible, powerful, easy to compile, and easy to read. Generate them for your clients and as an option, let them to do the same whenever they want. Medics PM reports can be viewed in any number of formats, including dashboard. Items can be drilled-into for details. Export almost any report to Excel. They can be rolled up or compiled by user-defined criteria. You or your clients can create, save, name, and set reports to generate automatically at user-defined time intervals.

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Connections, Engagement, Mobility and The Experience

Your clients can take full advantage of these through your Medics PM system enabling their patients to use iPads, iPhones and Androids to access the 24 x 7 x 365 MedicsPortal, MedicsKiosk with its self-registrations, Medics interactive appointment reminder texts which dramatically reduce no-shows (also ideal for patient due reminders), and even Medics Telemedicine (requires the MedicsCloud EHR). All of these enhance the experience for your clients, their patients, and you!

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Features Built to Boost Productivity for you and your Clients

Advanced Scheduler

The multi-modality Scheduler is actually a powerful management, workflow and financial system.

CRM for Marketing

Your clients can use the system’s built-in CRM to track any marketing / advertising campaigns.

Patient Information Management

Comprehensive, extremely intuitive demographics windows accessing a world of patient information.

Separate Tax IDs and MPI

A single or an unlimited number of tax IDs are supported; MPI architecture ensures your clients identify the correct patient while not creating duplicate records.

Tax Rates, Products, Inventory

Medics PM is ideal for purchasable products and non-medical services. Calculates tax, manages inventory, and separates those payments/reports from medical procedures.

Text Reminders

Medics SMS™ for interactive text reminders to patients’ cellphones about upcoming appointments. Patients reply with a confirmation or a request to cancel.

Integrated Document Scanning

As an option, your clients can scan drivers’ licenses and insurance IDs for hands-free data entry directly from those items.

Mobile App

The MedicsMobile option enables your clients’ providers to use their iPads, iPhones and Androids for any number of capabilities.

Their EHR, Our EHR, or No EHR

Interface with your clients’ EHRs, or make our MedicsCloud EHR available to them. Use our e-superbill if an EHR isn’t wanted or needed

Park Avenue Medical

“We value how the system really does help us capture every maximized dollar for every patient visit. Medics PM has produced an incalculable return on investment.”

Rory Hansen | Practice Administrator



Accommodate more patients. Collect more money. Operate more efficiently.

See how you can boost practice profitability and productivity.

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