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Patient Appointment Reminders

Save-My-Spot™ Reminder Texts!

Perhaps the most visually-appealing sight for a practice is seeing patients in the waiting room. Unfortunately that’s not always the picture.

A common reason for that is patients simply forget about their appointments.* 

Well-timed Medics interactive reminder texts to patients’ or guarantors’ cell phones can put an end to that with:

  • patients / guarantors confirming or canceling directly back through Medics texts
  • confirmations or cancelations landing directly on each person’s appointment in the scheduler
  • special alerts on cancelations; you can quickly call to reschedule and try to fill-in gaps with future appointments
  • following up with patients who haven’t replied as to their status

Texts can contain Google maps to the appointment location, be in multiple languages, and have any special instructions for the appointment such as for fasting, wearing any type of special clothing, etc.

Missed appointments will probably never be completely eliminated because life happens and things come up at the last minute. But Medics texting works to keep no-shows to a bare minimum while contributing to your patient’s experience and your revenue!

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*5/13, www.amedews.com