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Interactive Patient Appointment Reminder Texts

Helping to Keep Appointments as Scheduled and Patient Balances Paid!

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What is Interactive Patient Appointment Reminders?

It’s a simple premise: you need in-office or telemedicine encounters in order to generate revenue for insurers to reimburse, and then for patients to pay their balances.

But patients can easily overlook their appointments and “forget” about balances-due. Our own (not a third party) interactive reminder texting option works to ensure patients’ forgetfulness is eliminated.

For appointments: using well-timed reminder texts to patients’ or guarantors’ cell phones can put an end to costly no-shows with:

  • patients/guarantors confirming or canceling directly back through their texts
  • confirmations or cancelations are automatically input directly into each person’s appointment on our scheduler as an easy visual aid
  • special alerts on cancelations enabling you to quickly call to reschedule, and then and to fill gaps with new or future appointments if possible
  • you being able to follow up with patients who haven’t confirmed or canceled as to their status

Our texts can contain Google maps to the appointment location, be in multiple languages, and have any special instructions for the appointment such as for fasting, wearing any type of special clothing, etc.

Medics appointment reminder texting works to keep no-shows to a minimum while contributing to your patient’s experience and your revenue!

For Balances-Due: as soon as a balance becomes the patient’s/guarantor’s responsibility, automatically text a reminder with details and enable payment to you through their iOS or Android device! Or, direct payers to our portal for secure, online payments.

  • balance-due texting eliminates paper and its related multi-step drudgery
  • texts that are not responded-to would prompt you to make follow up calls to those patients

Let our interactive reminder texting keep your in-office or telemedicine encounters as solid as possible with minimized no-shows, and then by facilitating payments to you.

Complete the form for an overview of our texting and all of the other innovative, time-saving, revenue-generating, patient experience features available through the MedicsCloud Suite from ADS, and MedicsRCM from ADS RCM.

"For the past fifteen years, ADS has succeeded in keeping us ahead of the curve and has brought us a range of important new features, significantly benefitting our practice."


Donald Scott Featherman, MD
Head of CCA Group

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