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Embrace Value-Based Care with Confidence

 The financial incentives to be realized can be extraordinary. 

Government Initiatives & Value-Based Care Reimbursement

Changes in healthcare delivery are undeniable, with previously unheard-of emphasis being placed on better results / less expenditure...a real "quality vs. quantity" concept.

Some of the vehicles being used to arrive at that "better results / less expenditure" destination include:

The keys to your success in the ride include (1) having an EHR that’s able to handle what’s needed, and (2) a vendor who knows how to help drive you there.

Welcome to the MedicsCloud EHR and ADS!



“We’ve been using the ADS Medics Suite for years. The software is excellent and now, ADS has gotten us prepared for our MIPS reporting as we move into value based medicine.”


Marsha Schaffer
Practice Manager
Gastroenterology Associates, Allentown PA

See more patients. Collect more money. Generate more revenue.

Let us show you how you can boost practice profitability and productivity.

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