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Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Personalized, Transparent, Boutique-Level Excellence in Orthopedics Medical Billing Services

HCFA, UB, WC, and NF claims. Attorney management. Hands-free charting and transcribing. PACS interfacing. Perhaps even purchasable products and tracking marketing campaigns. MedicsRCM supports all of it and more!  

With 100% transparent, on-demand access to all of your data, you can perform a number of functions as well to the extent you want.


  • We’ll guarantee to increase your revenue in 90 days, often by 10% - 20%, and more!
  • A nearly 100% success rate on 1st attempt HCFA/UB/WC/NF claims
    • reports can be attached as needed
  • Automated Eligibility Verifications on scheduling appointments
    • we perform up to 4 additional batch verifications through the MedicsPremier scheduler
  • You’ll get out-of-network alerts on scheduling
    • easy to invoke your own OON financial policy
  • You can access the Patient Responsibility Estimator on scheduling
    • excellent for managing patient A/R
  • Proactive Denial Alerts help eliminate large numbers of denials
    • others are edited/resubmitted within 72 hours of being denied 
  • E/M coding alerts for better reimbursements
  • NCCI editing alerts when multiple claims for a patient should be bundled
  • We perform real-time claim tracking for clients
    • you can see your claims as well at any time, as desired
  • EOB reconciliations are virtually instantaneous
  • Balance-due texting option with online payments
    • email and paper statement options as well
  • Patients contact us – not you – with statement questions
  • Patient Attorney Database built-in
    • cleanly connects patients with their attorneys
    • case specific for multiple attorneys/multiple incidents
  • Attorney Portal self-serve option
    • they can review/retrieve information without disrupting your staff
  • Built-in CRM helps manage any marketing/advertising campaigns
    • we can also interface with almost any other CRM

Mobility, Workflow, Scheduling:

  • Access the MedicsPremier multi-modality scheduler and workflow platform
    • reduce bottlenecks and see better productivity
    • interactive appointment reminder texting option
    • generate an array of scheduler-related/productivity reports
    • centralized and/or POS scheduling
  • MedicsPortal for patients to:
    • pay securely online, schedule appointments, edit demographics, complete forms and 
      paperwork in advance, review medical information, and more
  • Medics Telemedicine app for easily-invoked virtual visits as applicable to Orthopedics
  • MedicsKiosk for expedited intake with options for scanning insurance IDs and drivers' licenses
    • data auto-inserts into patients’ records
    • document images auto-attached to patients’ records

Analytics, KPIs, Dashboards, Reports:

  • Our team compiles comprehensive financial and operational reports
    • reviews are routinely done with you for comparisons and improvements
    • you can generate any report as well, on-demand, as desired
    • reports by tax ID, provider(s), POS, rolled-up, or individual
    • reports are exportable to Excel
  • Compile and report on MIPS as applicable to Orthopedics
    • our MIPS Team can also provide assistance


  • Use our MedicsPremier platform at no additional cost
  • Related specialties also handled 
    • Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and others as needed
    • MedicsRIS for Radiology as may be needed
  • Interfaces with virtually any PACS
    • images can be attached to patients’ records
  • Single or unlimited number of tax IDs supported  
  • Easily display and chart multiple cases for the same patient

Electronic Charting and CMS Initiatives:  

  • Use our 21st Century Cures-Act Certified MedicsCloud EHR for Orthopedics, almost always at no additional cost: 
    • compliant now with the AUC/Clinical Decision Support initiative using our Qualified Clinical Decision Support mechanism (QCDSm) option
    • hands-free, voice-navigated charting with its built-in Medics FlowText
    • eliminates tedious cursor placing into the next needed field
    • automatically completes encounters as part of transcribing reports when using almost any  transcription system such as Dragon Medical One, or
  • Use your existing EHR interfaced with MedicsRCM, or
  • Use no EHR with our electronic superbill

MedicsRCM for Orthopedics is a fully comprehensive suite of versatile, AI-driven platforms and services designed to create maximized revenue, minimized effort, and overall mobility and connectivity between your patients, you, and your practice.

The same MedicsCloud Suite is available from ADS if in-house automation is preferred.

Contact us for more about how MedicsRCM and the MedicsCloud Suite can help you!


"The MedicsRCM team has consistently achieved for us an unheard of 100% collections on our contracted rates year after year. We couldn’t be more pleased for their guidance and quality of service."

Leasiah Griffith, Practice Administrator

Bethpage, NY