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Orthopedic Medical Billing Services Done Right

Free-up staff time, quickly and accurately submit your claims, increase your revenue and collections.

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Personalized, transparent, boutique-level orthopedics medical billing services

You need to drive maximized insurance and patient reimbursements, optimized staffing efficiency, and want options for clinical charting. Our +300-person outsourced workforce helps alleviate staffing issues, consolidating in-house resources for maximized efficiency at no additional cost as part of our service.

Time-consuming tasks such as prior authorizations, eligibility verifications, and appeals, are covered.

Meet the future of orthopedic billing

You’ll benefit financially and operationally with our experienced, orthopedics-obsessed team, AI-driven automation platforms, and engagement tools for keeping patients and providers connected.

Your revenue will be protected in advance with:

  • eligibility verifications on scheduling appointments and up to three more batch verifications from the scheduler before appointments; you can even do one on arrival
  • out-of-network alerts on scheduling appointments
  • automated prior authorizations option frees your staff from that tedious but necessary task
  • access the patient responsibility estimator, which is ideal for managing patient balances
  • your integrated specialties’ claims (physical therapy, pain management, radiology, etc.) are submitted with equal success
  • claims are NCCI-edited for bundling with alerts for maximized E/M coding
  • our Denial Preventer® issues pre-submission alerts on claims likely to be denied; other denials are edited/resubmitted within 72 hours

Post submissions:

  • your claims are tracked to ensure they’re being processed
  • Our team handles your appeals and EOB reconciliations
  •  We generate patient statements and offer balance-due texting/emailing and online payments. 
  • patients call us with statement questions

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EHR options and versatility

Use the ONC-certified MedicsCloud EHR for Orthopedics for seamless clinical charting, reporting, and transcribing, with MedicsListen and MedicsSpeak for real-time, natural language capture for data entry and reports.

  • use your existing EHR interfaced with MedicsRCM
  • use no EHR with our electronic superbill

Explore additional capabilities

We become a no-cost service for clients when factoring in a guaranteed revenue increase, staffing consolidations, and more.

  • self-service patient portal with online payments; kiosk for expedited intake
  • options for credentialing and automated insurance discovery  
  • built-in, case-specific patient attorney database attaches attorneys to patients
  • optional attorney portal enables them to self-serve on demand to retrieve information, documents, etc. without disrupting your staff
  • our multi-modality scheduler is ideal for orthopedics
  • interactive appointment reminder texting option 
  • Our team compiles actionable financial and operational analytics, KPIs, dashboards, and reports, routinely reviewed with you. You can also generate reports
  • manage purchasable products and calculate local sales tax with the built-in Products Manager
  • a built-in CRM feature helps manage any marketing/advertising campaigns or interface with virtually any stand-alone CRM

You’ll benefit in so many ways from our orthopedic billing services


Expedited registration


Out-of-network alerts


Prior authorization and eligibility


Charge entry and coding review


Claim scrubbing and submission


Automated denial and appeals management


Payment posting and patient collections


Weekly performance review

See how orthopedic medical billing transforms how your practice gets work done

Advanced Orthopedics:
Revenue Cycle Management

See how to drive revenue, productivity, engagement, and mobility with transparent, on-demand RCM services.

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From In-House To Outsourced RCM: Everything You Need To Know

Uncover valuable knowledge in this comprehensive e-book, exploring outsourced RCM advantages and practical tips. Gain insights from 10 FAQs, empowering informed decisions about RCM.

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"Our A/R dramatically reduced by 30% after the first 90 days. Denials have been reduced by 10% to 15%."


Gladys Serrano, CEO
Hempstead, NY


Put your orthopedic medical billing worries in the rear view

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