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Ease Administrative Burdens with Neurology Billing Services & RCM

Supercharge revenue, productivity, and clinical charting while complying with complicated CMS initiatives.

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RCM 90-day guarantee

Transparent, End-to-End Billing Services for Neurology

Looking to increase your revenue and stay on top of billing regulations? We've got you covered. In just 90 days, we guarantee to boost your revenue by up to 20%. But that's not all:

  • We can help you streamline your staff with our outsourced workforce.
  • Our engagement and mobility options will benefit both you and your patients.
  • Say goodbye to complex clinical charting with our MedicsCloud EHR for Neurology, or use your existing EHR integrated with us.
  • We'll support you in navigating complicated CMS initiatives.
RCM 90-day guarantee

Enhance Your Neurology Billing

You can count on our experience to navigate you through the complex, ever-changing Neurology billing landscape. You’ll benefit from on-demand access to all of your data, and with:

  • Out-of-network alerts and eligibility verifications on scheduling appointments
  • Up to four additional batch verifications from the scheduler prior to appointments
  • Access the Patient Responsibility Estimator on scheduling appointments
  • E/M coding alerts for maximized reimbursements
  • NCCI editing alerts when multiple claims for a patient should be bundled
  • Our Denial Preventer® proactively alerts on claims likely to be denied 
  • Any denials not pre-determined are edited/resubmitted within 72 hours
  • Real-time claim tracking to ensure claims are being processed
  • EOB reconciliations with automated submissions to secondary payers
  • Balance-due texting and email options with online payments
  • Patients contact us with statement questions
  • Workflow/Scheduler with an interactive appointment reminder texting option
  • Patient portal, kiosk, and scanning options for patients to self-serve
  • Comprehensive financial/management reports, analytics, KPIs, and dashboards

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"MedicsRCM dramatically increased our revenue and productivity in ways we couldn’t have done ourselves. And when COVID-19 hit, the MedicsRCM team, with their expertise and dedication, enabled us to maintain our ability to treat patients."
David Fischler, M.D.

90 Days to a Healthier Revenue Stream, Guaranteed!

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