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Ophthalmology Billing Services

Concierge-Level Billing Services for Increasing Revenue, Alleviating your Staffing Issues, and Decreasing your Technology Costs

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Real World Class Medical Billing Services for Ophthalmology

Working harder to derive less with lower insurance reimbursements, ever-growing patient responsibility amounts, and never-ending staffing issues?

You’ll want to:

  • maximize your insurance reimbursements (are they all they can be?)
  • Streamline ophthalmology billing
  • leverage our outsourced workforce as a logical alternative to in-house staffing
  • ensure patients pay their personal responsibility amounts
  • eliminate technology expenses with our software included at no cost
  • have transparent, on-demand, hands-on access to all of your data

MedicsRCM for Ophthalmology supports all six points and so much more.


End-to-End Ophthalmology Billing Services

Our team and AI-architected rules engine-driven technology increase clients’ revenue often by 10% - 20% and even more. We’ll guarantee to increase your revenue as well in 90 days over whatever system or service you’re currently using. Our MedicsRCM service features:

  • claims at maximum value, scrubbed and optimized E/M coding
  • a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA/WC/NF clearinghouse submissions
  • out-of-network alerts on scheduling with options for in-network selections, if any
  • eligibility verifications on scheduling with up to four additional batch verifications prior to appointments
  • NCCI edits when needed
  • claims requiring dilation for certain procedure codes (for example) are correct
  • our Denial Preventer® for avoiding numbers of denials proactively
  • denials not identified proactively are edited and resubmitted within 72 hours
  • Ophthalmology billing claims are tracked in real-time to ensure they’re being processed
  • EOBs are reconciled automatically ensuring your A/R is accurate

On patient balances:

  • access our responsibility estimator on scheduling or anytime in advance for a close approximation of what patients will owe after insurance reimburses
  • based on your financial policy, the payer, and any co-insurance, you could obtain payments in advance, on arrival, or as patients leave
  • ophthalmology patients will at least have an understanding of their balance avoiding surprises when their statements or balance-due texts (more on that below) arrive

On staffing, the MedicsRCM team of billing, claims, and workflow experts work fluidly behind the scenes enabling you to consolidate in-house staffing and its related expenses and issues.

On technology, if you’re currently paying hosting/support/maintenance fees for your billing service or in-house billing system, those costs will disappear since our platform – MedicsPremier from ADS – is included at no additional cost.

On mobility and engagement, keep your patients connected while empowering them to self-serve, further reducing time-consuming staffing tasks:

  • MedicsPortal is iOS/Android accessible 24 x 7 x 365 for patients to schedule appointments, complete forms, make payments online, edit their own demographics, and more, all without disrupting staff
  • interactive appointment reminder texts keep revenue and resources at maximized levels
  • the iOS/Android MedicsKiosk further expedites and automates intake while reducing staff time
  • interactive ophthalmology billing balance due reminder texts

On Scheduling, clients have access to the MedicsPremier scheduler and can use it fully for ophthalmology-specific appointment types and workflow features for eliminating bottlenecks. Clientes can generate appointment-related reports.

On Analytics, comprehensive, actionable management and financial reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboards are generated by the MedicsRCM team and regularly reviewed with clients. Reports can be compiled by any number of parameters, or fully in “roll-up” fashion. They feature monthly closes to ensure integrity when comparing time ranges.

  • Clients can also compile their own reports at any time; reports can be named, saved, and scheduled to compile at user-defined times

Use the MedicsCRM at no extra cost to track any marketing or advertising campaigns.

Track and manage purchasable products with sales tax automatically calculated.

A single or unlimited number of tax IDs are supported based on your needs.

Virtually any EHR can be interfaced with MedicsRCM, or use our e-superbill.

We’re happy to perform a no-cost assessment as to how much we can increase your revenue and productivity.

"We’ve been an ADS client since 1999. In 2017 we reviewed ADS RCM; their team provided an assessment with revenue projections that were extraordinary, especially since we were already doing so well for years with our own ADS in-house system. But we couldn’t “un-hear” what the ADS RCM team told us. Based on that, we transitioned to their MedicsRCM services, and have been incredibly happy with their predicted results!"

Lawrence S. Frank, M.D.

Rockville Eye Physicians


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