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Automation, Efficiency and Success in a Single Platform

The MedicsCloud Suite can propel your practice, group or network into
a new world of productivity and engagement.  

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Under One Umbrella (or not)

ADS’ MedicsCloud Suite of certified EHR, financial, and management features along with our own Implementation, Training, Support, Updates, Programming, and IT services makes for a true one system / one vendor approach. Yet, our EHR and financial / management sides are available separately as needed with interfaces to other systems. ADS clients aren’t forced to drop a system they like in order to get the one they need. And, we’re friendly to other IT resources. Flexibility in software and services is another major ADS feature!

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Telemedicine Software

Greater Engagement for Everyone

Your patients are accessible to you 24 x 7 x 365 with the MedicsPortal. They can request or actually schedule appointments, complete a majority of their intake in advance, and do so much more on their own. Medics Interactive Texting dramatically reduces no-shows and are also ideal as balance due reminders. On arrival, MedicsKiosk accommodates self-registrations and more. Medics Telemedicine supports revenue-generating virtual encounters. All of our engagement features are iPad, iPhone and Android-friendly.

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Nothing Beats Getting Paid

Your payer worlds include insurance and patients. The dilemma today is how insurance reimbursements are dropping causing personal responsibility amounts to skyrocket to the point where patients can owe as much – or more – than what insurance pays. Our Medics PM has pre-appointment eligibility verification tools to make certain you’ll be paid by insurance, and then for ensuring claims are submitted at maximum value. You can also predetermine what patients will owe and proactively address being paid by them.

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Anywhere, Anytime, and Click-Free

The iPad / iPhone / Android-friendly MedicsCloud EHR creates new levels of efficiency with Medics FlowText for voice-navigated, virtually click-free data input. When using a voice recognition system such as Dragon Medical One, data entry can even be made in one pass as you’re transcribing your reports. And then, saved encounter data is instantaneously transmitted to the billing side for quick claims submission and it’s nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims.

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Features Built to Boost Productivity


A built-in MACRA dashboard tracks your MIPS reporting data, and the ADS MACRA Team is available to assist. Our EHR supports complying with other initiatives as well.

Advanced Scheduler

The multi-modality Scheduler is actually a powerful management and financial system. Schedule staff, resources, and ancillary services related to the appointment.

Comprehensive, Automated EDI

Specialty-specific EDI for claims, eligibility, reconciliation (EOBs), claim tracking, denial management. Supports HCFA, UB, and as an option if needed, WC & NF.

CRM for Marketing

Use the Suite’s built-in CRM features to track marketing / advertising campaigns, or integrate with almost any other CRM.

Patient Information Management

Comprehensive, extremely intuitive demographics windows accessing a world of patient information.

e-Rx and Rx Management

e-Rx for controlled and non-controlled substances along with comprehensive medication management.

Automated Lab Orders and Results

Transmit orders to your favorite labs through their icons embedded into the EHR, and obtain results back into it. Enable patients to see their results through the patient portal.

Easy Handling of Separate Tax IDs

The Suite accommodates a single, or an unlimited number of tax IDs while its built-in MPI architecture ensures identifying the correct patient.


Tax Rates, Products, Inventory

For purchasable products and / or non-medical services, the Suite calculates tax, manages inventory, and separates purchases from medical procedures.

Accommodate more patients. Collect more money. Operate more efficiently.

See how you can boost profitability and productivity!

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