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Boost Profitability and Productivity with
Specialty-Specific EHR Software

The Certified MedicsCloud Electronic Health Records system is excellent for MACRA and other CMS initiatives. 

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Real-Time Workflow

ADS’ own WindowOne architecture places needed data at the user’s fingertips in virtually every MedicsEHR window view, dramatically reducing the keystrokes and mouse clicks needed to find that information, ultimately supporting more efficient workflow. The system operates in real-time with inputted data available to be seen immediately by other authorized viewers.

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Virtually Click-Free Charting

Medics FlowText makes the MedicsEHR voice navigable and virtually hands-free. And together with Dragon Medical™, Medics FlowText inserts data into the patient’s record as you’re transcribing your reports! Complete the two separate, time consuming steps of transcribing reports and EHR data entry simultaneously with Medics FlowText.

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POP Health and Patient Engagement

MedicsEHR supports PH and PE with powerful tools for helping to keep your patient population engaged and healthy. Engaged patients are generally happy patients, and that’s exactly what helps with your patient satisfaction levels, online comments, and with patient recommendations. Having as healthy a patient population as possible speaks for itself, and also plays into MACRA and MIPS. MedicsEHR has what you need to help accomplish both.

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Specialty-Specific Templates

MedicsEHR is set up for the unique needs of your practice, with the templates and content needed for your specialty or specialties. They’re user-definable to suit each provider’s personal preferences (“favorites”) including for lab orders and prescriptions, making them easy to select.

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Value-Based Care Success

With its built-in MACRA Dashboard, the MedicsCloud EHR is excellent for MIPS reporting and other lucrative CMS initiatives such as Comprehensive Care Management (CCM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+).

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“The Medics EHR has helped remarkably in eliminating redundancy, paperwork, and having to rifle through patient files to find needed information. Everything we need to see relative to the patient’s medical or clinical information is stored neatly on the patient’s record. That also includes things such as images, digitally handwritten clinical notations on those images, and reports to referring physicians.”

Stuart J. Fischer, MD - Summit Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

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Cinical Trials

MedicsEHR is successfully utilized by medical practices to track clinical trials and to report on clinical trial data as required. Practices can help patients who are candidates for clinical trials; practices can often obtain very significant clinical trials revenue.

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The ideal, in-office solution for patients who didn’t use MedicsPortal in advance, or who have information to update once they arrive. MedicsKiosk is accessible via tablet, laptop, or desktop PCs, eliminating clipboards of paper and manual entry of data into the system by staff.

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Electronic Prescribing

MedicsRx supports electronic transmitting of controlled (where permitted) and non-controlled substances to pharmacies while maintaining a database of medications prescribed by patient, dosages, and refills. Alerts on interactions, allergies and formularies.

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