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The Tech Behind High-Growth Addiction Treatment Centers

The MedicsCloud Suite delivers automation, visibility, clinical improvements and facility insight to help you be more productive.

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Helping You While You Help Your Patients/Clients!

The MedicsCloud Suite delivers clinical, financial, and reporting automation designed to improve the healthcare experience for your patients, providers, and staff.

  • being paid as optimally as possible
  • nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims
  • telemedicine with an option for remote vitals monitoring if needed
  • keeping everyone engagedconnected, and mobile
  • month-end-closings, comprehensive KPIs/analytics/dashboards
  • exports to Exceland G/L systems
  • comprehensive clinical charting and outcomes
  • maximizing workflow and efficiency
  • automated bed management if needed
  • a built-in CRM capability, or interfaces to almost any CRM

As a true integratedsingular system under one vendor, the MedicsCloud Suite does it all, and then some!

The Suite’s financial/operations segment, and its certified EHR, are also available separately as needed. So, our clients aren’t forced to drop a system they like, in order to get the one they need!

In chronological order starting with pre-intake and going from one level of care to another (if applicable), the Suite supports:

  • the MedicsCRM for managing marketing and advertising campaigns in a highly competitive industry
  • interfaces are also available to existing CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugar, and Zoho
  • the iOS and Android-friendly 24 x 7 x 365 MedicsPortal is tied to the CRM; potential patients/clients can request or actually schedule (your option) appointments:  
  • each is stored without creating an actual record in the system until the person arrives as scheduled
  • eliminates creating “false” records of people who never actually arrived
  • enables easily follow ups to encourage people to come in as originally scheduled
  • supports completing forms and questionnaires in advance helping to streamline intake by up to 70%
  • the Notifyer sends alerts to devices about any new or existing items to be handled/read
  • bi-directional messaging option eliminates-time consuming “phone tag” and leaving messages
  • enables online payments directly to you by patients/clients, or their guarantors  

MedicsPortal is a mobility, engagement, and experience-enhancing tool empowering people to self-serve at their convenience while streamlining administrative tasks.

The multi-modality scheduler is ideal for scheduling in-person or telemedicine sessions. It also doubles as a powerful financial and operations system with:

  • out-of-network alerts as appointments are scheduled
  • access to the personal responsibility estimator
  • excellent for pre-arranging balance-due payments after insurance
  • displaying any copayments
  • an interactive reminder texting option for eliminating no-shows
  • batch eligibility verification of benefits in advance of arrivals
  • multi-modality scheduling for individuals or groups
  • workflow monitoring eliminates bottlenecks and maximizes resource usage
  • the scheduler and its reports can be centralized or by place-of-service

Ensure you create permanent system records only on arrival, that every incoming person has been financially pre-screened, that no-shows are at a minimum, and that workflow is optimized, all through the Suite’s scheduler.

MedicsKiosk further enhances intake as patients/clients arrive:

  • arrivals can use their iOS or Android devices to access the kiosk
  • an iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop workstation may be provided
  • eliminates clipboards of paper and manual data entry by staff
  • e-signatures and scanning of insurance/JCAHO and CARF-assessed personal ID are supported

The kiosk complements the portal if it wasn’t used in advance, and for any new forms needed on arrival.

Telemedicine: For virtual sessions, Medics Telemedicine app easily enables patients/clients to use their iOS or Android devices from almost anywhere to connect with their providers.  If needed, our remote patient monitoring option supports real-time readings on blood pressure, glucose, EKGs, Spo2 with heart rate, temperature and weight.

  • patients sign into their sessions at the appointment time using their devices, or any camera-enabled tablet, laptop, or desktop PC
  • providers login as well and the encounter is connected with each seeing and hearing the other
  • sessions are automatically timestamped as required for billing/claims
  • the MedicsCloud EHR can be used for capturing the encounter as described below

The MedicsCloud EHR is click-free with voice navigation through our built-in Medics FlowText feature.

When using a system such as Dragon Medical One, FlowText intelligently inserts data into the person’s record as part of transcribing, in one pass:

  • an incredibly efficient timesaver completes the record on saving the report
  • use your iOS or Android device from almost anywhere to transcribe
  • transmit finalized reports to referrers directly from the device
  • through our built-in Medics FlowText feature.

The MedicsCloud EHR features include:

  • FHIR SMART compatible 
  • supports Wiley Practice Planners®
  • automated consent form
  • initial assessment and biopsychosocial
  • treatment plans and outcomes measures
  • DSM-5 
  • NCPDP certified e-Rxcontrolled and non-controlled substances
  • medication management (MARS)
  • outcomes reporting
  • interfaces with almost any laboratory LIS
  • intra-office messaging and critical clinical alerts
  • documentation requirements
  • task manager with alerts ensures follow up items aren’t missed
  • bed manager (if needed) bolsters efficiency while reducing wait times for the next available bed
    • census feature; bed type; occupant’s gender
    • automatically captures charges on discharge
    • comprehensive bed-related report

The MedicsCloud EHR is 2015 certified and contains a full array of features designed to make encounters - and your entire facility - highly efficient on the clinical side.

Financials and Billing:  Designed to capture every dollar for every service, visit, or stay, the Suite and its comprehensive EDI is invaluable on the financial side, especially when reimbursements are down and personal responsibility amounts are up:

  • Expected Insurance Value (EIV) anticipates future cash flow enhancing your ability to forecast and make sound business decisions 
  • ideal for enterprise organizations with unlimited tax IDs, or a single tax ID
  • grantsscholarships, and charity casesare all seamlessly managed
  • nearly 100%clearinghouse success rate on first attempt HCFA and UB claims
  • automated, almost instantaneous EOB reconciliations via ERAs
  • real-time claim tracking for ensuring your claims are being processed
  • on-the-fly denial manager for quickly editing and resubmitting denials
  • rules engine for proactive denial alerts based on the claim and payer
  • recode claims likely to be denied before submitting them
  • display an accurate view of what will be owed 
  • the system produces statements as balances become due
  • as an option, statements can be produced economically offsite          

The Suite’s financial component ensures revenue and cash flow is optimized through intelligent, virtually hands-free automation.

Tasks and KPIs: The Suite’s task manager works to keep users in touch with their tasks and follow ups, issuing alerts on missed due dates for next actions. And, its comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) produce the data and analytics needed for your organization to operate as profitably and efficiently as possible with:

  • month end closings provide the actual, static data needed for so many reports and analytics displays
  • exports to Excel and integrations with G/Lsystems
  • provider productivity reports
  • data is displayed in any number of user-defined formats, including dashboards
  • users can create, name, and save reports with orders to automatically compile at specified times or intervals
  • report elements can be drilled-into for expanded data on those particular fields

Our financial and operational reports, KPIs, and analytics will keep your organization “in the know” instead of “in the dark,” and the task manager will keep things from falling through cracks!

Your organization will greatly benefit from these additional features:

  • the system operates under master patient index (MPI) architecture
  • ensures identifying the correctly needed patient/client
  • prevents duplicate records from being created
  • the audit trail monitors system use by login enabling administrators and others who are authorized to view a variety of user actions

"ADS has been able to incorporate assessment and outcome management tools that contribute to the ongoing improvement of outcomes, which regularly outperform state averages."

Anthony Comerford, Ph.D., CEO

New Hope Foundation

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