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Patient Engagement (PE)

What is PE?


True PE is actually a dual-concept approach.

One is how the patient is brought into the loop on his or her own care…where there’s a tight collaboration between provider and patient, and where the practice includes patient education information based on the patient’s condition.

The second aspect involves the practice using social media, and having the technology that’s needed to keep its patients engaged, especially in the age of COVID-19.

Particularly on that note, telemedicine is perhaps the most important piece of PE technology today, in how it promotes virtual iOS/Android sessions which are ideal for minimizing in-office encounters and the associated risk to patients and staff. Telemedicine is also the perfect medium for patients who are remotely located, and/or who simply have difficulty coming into the practice.

(Side note: insurance reimburses for telemedicine encounters as long as they’re correctly coded based on the length of the session. The telemedicine feature should automatically time stamp each session.)

Having a remote patient monitoring (RPM) option is a natural PE adjunct to telemedicine. RPM enables providers to obtain vitals readings in real-time, either as part of the patient’s telemedicine session, or separately. (Side note: RPM readings are also reimbursable based on the payer.)

Interactive texting is another powerful vehicle for keeping patients engaged on appointment reminders, new information to be read or questionnaires to be completed via the portal (the next engagement technology piece), and as reminders on patients’ balances.

An iOS/Android-friendly patient portal has is a place as coronavirus continues to be a concern. Of course it supports appointment scheduling 24 x 7 for in-office or telemedicine session. For minimizing risk and exposure, it enables patients to complete forms and questionnaires anytime at their convenience, reducing the time needed for doing so on in-office appointments while promoting efficiency at the same time.

Other portal features should include a way for patients to pay securely online, to communicate (“chat”) with the practice, request refills, and more.

A patient portal keeps your practice accessible to your patients around the clock, 365 days per year. It’s an invaluable technology piece for patient engagement.

Rounding out the PE technology circle is a patient kiosk in how it works to further promote efficiency and reduced face-to-face time on intake for in-office appointments. Patients should be able to use their devices to access the kiosk as well.

Why be involved in PE?

It’s a generally accepted premise that patients who are engaged collaboratively in their healthcare, and through technology as described above, will happier than patients who are disconnected and disengaged.

The engaged group is much more likely to post positive feedback online and recommend others to the practice. The opposite is true for the disengaged, especially with the prospect of them posting negative reviews which can be incredibly damaging.

Patient engagement works to create a positive patient experience, and innumerable efficiencies for the practice.

What technology is needed for PE?

You working closely with patients collaboratively on their healthcare, and the technology described above, all of which is available with our MedicsCloud Suite!

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