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Telehealth & Telemedicine

What are telehealth and telemedicine?

Doctors_stethoscope_1.jpgDepending on the reference source, there can be subtleties regarding each word.

“Telehealth” may be used more to describe the technology aspects of remote healthcare, namely, the video conferencing, internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and satellite and wireless communications.

“Telemedicine” refers to the actual medical services (the virtual session/encounter itself, opinion, consult, diagnosis, prescription, etc.).

Why should I be in Telemedicine?

Coronavirus has moved telemedicine from being somewhat of a novelty to center stage in healthcare delivery. Obviously, it reduces risk to patients and staff. More than that, it requires virtually zero office resources, it keeps patients connected and engaged especially if it’s iOS/Android-friendly, and it produces revenue at a time when in-office appointments may be lower.

Even aside from COVID-19, telemedicine is perfect for patients who are rurally located, and for those who simply have difficulty coming into the practice even if they’re around the corner.

What’s needed for Telemedicine?

Ideally what’s needed is an iOS/Android app that patients can use to click into their telemedicine sessions at the time of the appointment. Even better is when the app is produced by the same company being used by the practice for EHR and PM automation. A great example of that is our Medics Telemedicine!

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