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Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine Sessions Simplified!

At a time when mobility and patient experience is everything, nothing supports those concepts more than Medics Telemedicine.

Created by ADS, Medics Telemedicine is a MedicsCloud EHR feature that couldn’t be easier to use:

  • using their iPad, iPhone or Android the patient simply signs into the Medics Telehealth app and clicks on the telemedicine icon at the time of the appointment
  • at that same time, the provider brings up the person’s record in the EHR, clicks in as well, and the session is on with each party seeing and hearing the other
  • picture-in-picture functionality enables the provider to reposition the patient’s image within the EHR

Similar to any regular in-office visit, the provider documents the encounter in the EHR and saves it. The session’s timestamps are automatically saved.

It’s that simple!

Besides the sheer convenience factor, Medics Telemedicine sessions are especially valuable to those in remote locations or who have diculty coming into the oce.

So…see more patients in a shorter amount of time and be paid for it while expending virtually no oce resources.

And since Medics Telemedicine is our own – not a third party – product, it’s incredibly aordable. It requires no long term commitment. Simply use Medics Telemedicine on a month-to-month basis.

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