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Medics Telemedicine: Patient Engagement Personified!

Medics Telemedicine represents perhaps the ultimate in patient engagement and convenience. It’s our own (not a third party’s) platform that supports:

  • patients using their iOS or Android, or any PC with a front-facing camera
  • patients and providers simply click into Medics Telemedicine at the scheduled time
  • sessions are automatically timestamped

It’s really that simple.

Medics Telemedicine sessions are especially valuable to those in remote locations or who have difficulty coming into the office.

A powerful adjunct to Medics Telemedicine is our remote patient monitoring (RPM) option for tracking and viewing vitals such as blood pressure and glucose.

So…see more patients in a shorter amount of time and be paid for it while expending virtually no office resources with Medics Telemedicine, or RPM, or both!

Complete the form for more on Medics Telemedicine, and all of the other innovative, time-saving, revenue-generating, and patient experience/mobility features available through the MedicsCloud Suite from ADS.

"For the past fifteen years, ADS has succeeded in keeping us ahead of the curve and has brought us a range of important new features, significantly benefitting our practice."


Donald Scott Featherman, MD
Comprehensive Childcare Associates
Sarasota, FL

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