Voice Recognition Software for EHR

Creating Virtually Click-Free EHR!

EHR navigation by voice command as well as intelligent text-to-data-entry while transcribing reports?

The Medics EHR and its built-in Medics FlowText™ can do exactly that!

  • Medics FlowText helps the physician navigate and enter data into the Medics EHR by using voice commands. The system also allows for navigation and data entry using touch screen, mouse and keyboard if preferred.
  • Using Medics FlowText with Dragon Medical™, transcribed text flows intelligently into the appropriate, corresponding fields in the patient’s Medics electronic record, all from ONE window. The transcribed report is created simultaneously, in one pass.

Today, the Medics EHR with Medics FlowText represents the next level of workflow and data entry automation, enhancing even more dramatically all of the other timesaving features built into Medics EHR which is certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

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