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Population Health (Pop Health)

What is Pop Health?

Doctors_stethoscope_1.jpgPopulation Health is an ability to group patients by their conditions, severity of illness, demographics, or other parameters to identify risk levels, then be able to address those health issues, and better leverage resources leading to improved care.

Pop Health identifies and flags problem areas and high-risk patients and helps document how well treatments or therapies are or aren’t working for the segment of the population being monitored. Overall, pop health should also reduce cost of care. Part of population health includes conducting preventive care outreach.

Why should I be in Pop Health?

Because it’s not just simply a “hot topic” and an industry buzz phrase. You actually have to know (or should want to know) how your patients are doing across the spectrum of parameters for defining groups of them. Besides that, organizations such as ACOs require you to manage and report on your patient population’s health.

What’s needed to properly handle Pop Health?

Pop Health requires an EHR that can be used to report on segments of the practice’s patients, and on outcomes relative to treatments and therapies. The MedicsCloud EHR  is ideal for Pop Health reporting.

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