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Transparent, End-to-End Pulmonology Billing Services

Supercharge Revenue, Productivity, and Clinical Charting while Complying with Complicated CMS Initiatives.

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RCM 90-day guarantee

World Class Medical Billing Services for Pulmonology

You’ll have 100% transparent, on-demand access to all of your data as we work together with you!

The MedicsRCM team of Pulmonology specialists works in tandem with your team to increase revenue. We’ll actually guarantee to increase your revenue in 90 days.

On productivity, your staffing issues can be consolidated through our behind-the-scenes outsourced workforce.

RCM 90-day guarantee

Enhance Your Pulmonology Billing

The MedicsRCM team very much understands the very specific nuances of Pulmonology billing while supporting:

  • rules-engine driven out of network alerts on scheduling with selections for in-network providers, if any
  • access to a patient responsibility estimator while scheduling to help manage those balances
  • alerts when claims can be recoded for improved reimbursements
  • NCCI editing when claims should be bundled; E/M coding alerts
  • denial prevention with alerts prior to submitting; any others are edited and resubmitted within 72 hours
  • interactive reminder text option for appointments and balances due
  • single or multiple tax IDs as needed
  • specialty-specific scheduling and workflow
  • extensive KPIs, dashboards, and analytics; MedicsRCM produces and reviews same with clients; clients can produce their own reports any time, on-demand to the extent they want

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Charting and Clinical Reporting

You can access our hands-free MedicsCloud EHR with its Pulmonology-specific templates, and with Medics FlowText for voice-to-text-to-data entry reporting and transcribing. It’s certified for 21st Century Cures Act compliance. Or, you can use your existing EHR interfaced with us.

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Engagement and Mobility

Use the Medics Telemedicine app, the 24 x 7 Medics Portal with online payments, Medics Interactive appointment and balance-due reminder texts, Medics Kiosk for expedited intake, and our option for remote patient monitoring (RPM).

These features promote patient connectivity to your practice and with telemedicine and RPM, can produce significant additional revenue. Our team is expert in claims and billing for telemedicine and RPM.

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"MedicsRCM dramatically increased our revenue and productivity in ways we couldn’t have done ourselves. And when COVID-19 hit, the MedicsRCM team, with their expertise and dedication, enabled us to maintain our ability to treat patients."
David Fischler, M.D.

Pulmonary and Intensive Care Specialists of NJ

90 Days to a Healthier Revenue Stream, Guaranteed!

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