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Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Services

MedicsRCM Guarantees to Increase your Revenue


Skilled Nursing Facility Billing You Can Trust

Skilled nursing facilities often face a double quandary in having to (1) operate under increasing financial stress, and (2) with anxiety over infrastructure/staffing.

But your skilled nursing facility can actually thrive with MedicsRCM and our people, processes, and proprietary technology. Our clients’ revenue typically improves by 10% - 20%. Your staff – the essence of the phrase “skilled nursing” can be more successfully retained in the process.

90 Day Guarantee

Elevating your revenue + opportunities to decrease your infrastructure spend = how we can guarantee your revenue will increase in 90 days from our first submissions of your claims!

Your claims will be submitted cleanly at maximized value resulting in revenue you never thought possible as our intelligent rules engine-based, single-payer platform and team of experienced billers works with you behind the scenes.

  • Resource Utilization Group (RUG) score/fee schedule scales.
  • Minimum Data Set (MDS) resident assessment and care screening.
  • Your UB claims – which can be complicated with lots of nuances – will be transmitted with a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse submissions.
  • You’ll experience virtually immediate relief as we handle your convoluted reimbursements and A/R stats that have been going in the wrong direction.
  • Eligibility verifications are performed immediately as case managers notify the SNF about new arrivals.  
  • Be empowered by our resident responsibility estimator for alerting them and/or their caregivers in advance about their out-of-pocket costs; ideal for controlling residents’ A/R.
  • You’ll receive proactive alerts on claims likely to be denied based on the payer’s history; denials that do occur are edited and resubmitted within three business days.
  • Your claims are tracked in real-time; you can view them as well at any time. 
  • Your complicated EOB reconciliations are handled automatically ensuring your A/R is accurate, essentially to the minute.
  • You’ll have 24 x 7 on-demand access to all of your data; you’ll always see what we see.
  • Gain financial and operational insights with our highly user-defined analytics, KPIs, and dashboards. And with unencumbered access to your data, you can view and compile reports at any time, to the extent you want, in addition to those we routinely create and review with you.
  • Mobility platforms as may be appropriate to you include Medics Telemedicine, Portal, online payments through iOS/Android devices, and balance due reminder texts.
  • Use our built-in CRM features for tracking any marketing and advertising

An unlimited number of tax IDs is supported as is interoperability with a host of other systems and system types, including EHRs, pharmacies, laboratories, and radiology/PACS. Data conversions from existing RCM companies or in-house systems can be performed.

MedicsRCM uses the comprehensive MedicsPremier financial and operations system from ADS. MedicsPremier is available as an in-facility platform either on your server or in our cloud if a customer-hosted solution is preferred.

Contact us for more on how MedicsRCM or MedicsPremier can increase your facility’s revenue and productivity and how we’ll guarantee that with MedicsRCM!

"When we began with MedicsRCM we had revenues delayed for almost 180 days. Now, 90% - 95% of receivables are at less than 45 days, with the vast majority of it being under 30 days."

Gladys Serrano, CEO

Hispanic Counseling Center

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