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AI-Powered Urology Billing Services & RCM

Supercharge Revenue, Productivity, and Clinical Charting while Complying with Complicated CMS Initiatives.

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RCM 90-day guarantee

Transparent, End-to-End Billing Services for Urology

Maximize revenue, productivity, clinical charting, and mobility with our team and the AI-driven MedicsCloud Suite platform for Urology! You’ll always have transparent, on-demand access to all of your data.

The MedicsRCM team of Urology specialists works in tandem with your team to increase revenue. We’ll actually guarantee to increase your revenue in 90 days.

RCM 90-day guarantee

Enhance Your Urology Billing and RCM

The MedicsRCM team very much understands the very specific nuances of Urology billing while supporting:

  • Eligibility verifications and out-of-network alerts on scheduling
  • Prior Authorizations automated option
  • Patient Responsibility Estimator access on scheduling
  • Denial Preventer® for proactive, pre-submission denial alerts
  • Our team edits/resubmits other denials within 72 business hours
  • Claims scrutinized for maximum revenue, including for E/M coding
  • NCCI edit alerts when a patient’s multiple claims should be bundled
  • Real-time claim tracking by our team; you can also track claims  
  • EOB reconciliations keep your A/R accurate and timely
  • Balance-due texting option with online payments
  • Patients call us with statement questions
  • Multi-modality Medics scheduler with built-in workflow    
  • Interactive appointment reminder texting option 
  • Urology KPIs, reports, and analytics created by our team and reviewed with you

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Charting and Clinical Reporting

Access the hands-free MedicsCloud EHR for Urology, 21st Century Cures Act-certified for comprehensive clinical charting and reporting with:

  • Urology-specific templates include: BPH, carcinoma of the prostate, Cystitis, elevated PSA, enlarged prostate, gross and microscopic hematuria, impotence, incontinence, infertility, irritable bladder, prostate cancers, prostatitis, renal colic, and VAS reversal
  • Urology-specific procedures include catheterizations, cystoscopy, cystotomy, Eligard, green light laser, HDR empty needle placement, intravesical therapy, Lupron, pelvic, renal, and transrectal sonograms, trans-urethral needle ablation, Trelstar, Urodynamics, UroFlow, and Zoladex.
  • Voice navigable with Medics FlowText built-in; automated voice-to-text-to-data entry when using almost any transcription system such as Dragon Medical®
  • Mobility with access to patients records from iPhone or Android devices
  • Medics Telemedicine for virtual consultants when appropriate with revenue from telemedicine claims
  • Remote patient monitoring of vitals with revenue for monitoring

If preferred, clients can also use their existing EHRs interfaced with MedicsRCM.

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Engagement and Mobility

Use our engagement features and options as mentioned above, including:

  • MedicsPortal for 24 x7 self-serve connectivity by patients, and with online payments
  • MedicsKiosk for expedited intake
  • Interactive appointment and balance-due reminder texting
  • Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring

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"When staffing became a problem we transitioned to ADSRCM for billing and and their outsourced workforce which provided a tremendous relief in not having to worry about staffing again."

Hillel Marans, MD

Urology Specialist in New York, NY

90 Days to a Healthier Revenue Stream, Guaranteed!

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