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RCM for Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders

Comprehensive, Intelligent RCM Services for any or all Levels of Care

Increasing-Revenue.pngMedicsRCM knows the unique financial and operational nuances in the world of Behavioral Health (BH) and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Our clients’ revenue is typically increased by 10% - 20% and sometimes by up to 30%.

We can assist whether your setting is inpatient, outpatient or a combination of each with:

  • our nearly 100% success rate on first attempt HCFA or UB clearinghouse claims
  • continual audits to ensure claims are submitted at their highest possible value without over-coding
  • system features adapting to level of care changes as needed
  • pre-appointment or pre-service batch verification of benefits
  • in- and out-of-network alerts in advance of services performed  
  • patient / client personal responsibility estimator helps capture those amounts due
  • comprehensive EDI for physicians, clinicians, therapists and other providers
  • claim tracking to ensure your claims are being processed
  • rapid denial management with edits and resubmissions quickly turning them into revenue
  • immediate personal-due statements as insurance(s) reimburses
  • secure online payments through our portal
  • accepting credit and debit card payments onsite or by phone
  • patients / clients contact MedicsRCM with statement questions

On the operations side, MedicsRCM’s clients have transparent, on-demand access to all of their data. They can use MedicsRCM’s:

  • built-in CRM to track any marketing campaigns
  • portal which supports appointment requests or live scheduling (your choice)
    • patients / clients can complete major portions of intake in advance through the portal
  • ability to holds accounts as tentative until patients / clients actually arrive
    • prevents clogging the system with “false patients” who never came in for treatment
    • retains those accounts separately for follow up by the facility
  • task manager feature for ensuring assigned follow ups are completed
  • comprehensive BH and SUD financial and management reports, analytics and KPIs are produced by MedicsRCM
    • reports are reviewed regularly with clients
    • they’re displayable in a variety of user-defined dashboards and views
    • MedicsRCM clients can also produce their own on-demand reports  
    • reports can be rolled up or segmented by any number of filters
  • multi-modality scheduler for a variety of appointment types and scenarios
    • scheduler can be centralized or by place of service
    • our interactive appointment reminder texting is available for reducing no-shows

MedicsRCM supports single or multiple tax IDs, and an unlimited number of locations.

EHR versatility:  Our clients can use their existing EHRs interfaced with MedicsRCM, or the fully integrated MedicsCloud EHR from Advanced Data Systems Corp. with its comprehensive bed manager for IP facilities, or no EHR with our system’s electronic superbill.

Let’s talk about your needs and expectations, and how MedicsRCM from Advanced Data Systems RCM can help. Simply complete the form, and we’ll be happy to provide a no-cost assessment and customized quote for your particular treatment center, inpatient facility, or psychiatry group.


"When we began with MedicsRCM we had revenues delayed for almost 180 days. Now, 90% - 95% of receivables are at less than 45 days, with the vast majority of it being under 30 days."


Gladys Serrano, CEO
Hispanic Counseling Center