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Plastic Surgery Practice Management Software

Real World Class Plastic Surgery Practice Management Automation


The financial, business, and operational needs of your Plastic Surgery practice are too critically important for just any practice management software system.

Plastic Surgery practices, groups and “super-groups” need comprehensive automation to handle any or all of these:

  • Plastic / Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Dermatologists
  • Botox treatments
  • Spa sessions
  • Aestheticians
  • Tax rates based on item / purchase location
  • Cosmetics Products
  • Gift cards / coupons
  • Prepaid visits or services
  • Inventory tracking

That’s why your Practice Management system should be MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery.

Master Patient Index (MPI):  MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery’s MPI architecture gives practices / groups /super-groups the ability to correctly identify a particular patient across multiple tax IDs, regardless of the number of patients in the system.

Plastic Surgery practices that are part of a super-group using MedicsPremier can maintain their independence based on tax ID. The super-group can also operate under one tax ID. MedicsPremier’s versatility also allows practices to keep track of patients separately or group-wide based on the format desired by the super-group.

No More Duplicate Patients:  MedicsPremier’s built-in ability to cross check numerous demographic data fields virtually guarantees that duplicate patient records cannot be entered.

It All Starts with Scheduling: MedicsPremier Does It All

Scheduling appointments for plastic surgery practices today can be daunting, either with multi-modality combinations of services to be performed on a single patient.

Multi-Modality Scheduling:  The patient may need to schedule a medical appointment, and then for that same day, or a different day, may want to schedule a Botox treatment and / or a spa session which may also involve an aesthetician. These types of multi-modality appointments are commonly seen in today’s age of expanded Plastic Surgery services.

Multi-modality appointments are easily scheduled in MedicsPremier, capturing appointment types and resources needed for each of the modalities. Color coding enhances overall appointment visualization.

Patient appointments are neatly grouped and easily viewed in a variety of user-defined formats and displays. The system’s built-in workflow tracks the patient’s progress throughout his or her series of services.

Centralized or Individual Scheduling is enabled with MedicsPremier. The scheduler can be used and viewed in totally centralized format (centralized scheduling) for all modalities / resources across the enterprise, and for all places of services.

The scheduling can also be individualized (or decentralized) to specific places of service, providers, resources, and services provided.

The MedicsPremier Scheduler for Plastic Surgery is incredibly versatile, highly user and Administrator-defined. It is a powerful operations tool for comprehensive scheduling needs and for workflow.

The Scheduler is also a revenue producer with its ability to batch-verify insurance coverage for upcoming appointments, and for displaying a variety of notes and alerts as to payment methods, copayments and more.

The complexities of Plastic Surgery scheduling are greatly simplified with the MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery Scheduler.

Now Arriving: the Patient

Presumably the patient’s insurance and any pre-requirements had already been checked in advance through the MedicsPremier Scheduler which has comprehensive EDI-enabled abilities for verification.

If that had not been done for any reason, verification can be checked now. The system typically provides results in a few seconds.

When the patient arrives for the appointment, MedicsPremier will clearly display any copayments due. It will have also displayed copayments when the appointment was scheduled.

Front desk staff can post that payment now or after the appointment is completed.

  • Botox, Gift Cards, Coupons: MedicsPremier also handles prepaid services, gift cards and coupons (for example, spa treatments).
  • Botox treatments are generally based on units which can be prepaid. The system will calculate the payment amount due based on the number of units used per the patient’s treatment. If the patient prepaid, the system will account for that and display today’s treatment with the correct credit amount.
  • Further, the system can easily handle multiple methods of payment for the same patient covering a variety of procedures and services.

The Encounter

MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery can be seamlessly integrated with any number of plastic surgery EHRs.

Posting and Payments

Posted procedures and services are neatly displayed on the patient’s “Account Inquiry” window in MedicsPremier.

Medical procedures, spa treatments, cosmetic procedures and even products purchased are all clearly displayed, including the correct tax on purchased products.

In fact, tax rates are tied back to the actual products sold since certain products may have different tax rates. The tax rate is also based on the location of the purchase.

Reports can be generated displaying tax collected helping to differentiate payments for services from tax collected for purchased products.

Inventory Monitor

The system’s barcoded Inventory Monitor keeps track of purchasable items and is an excellent tool to use for issuing coupons based on products’ expiration dates.


When the patient is ready to leave, the MedicsPremier Checkout Window clearly encapsulates today’s visit, including medical and nonmedical procedures and purchases. The user can add to the window at point of checkout for any last minute purchases.

MedicsPremier will submit any claims to the patient’s insurance, and then also display amounts due directly by the patient. Any prepaid services will have been credited, and any gift cards or coupons can be accepted at this point.

Electronically Submitted Claims and EDI

MedicsPremier in enabled to handle electronically submitted claims to hundreds of commercial payers as well as Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Shield.

Claims submitted through systems from ADS in 2013 had an extraordinary, almost 99% success rate on first time claims as reported by Emdeon and HFMA. The 2014 YTD rate is even higher.

Anticipatory Reimbursement Management: Take a very proactive approach to pending claims by viewing their real-time status in the payers’ queues, similar to tracking a FedEx™ or UPS™ package. Get an up-to-the minute view of unpaid claims as often as desired, and have a solid handle on when payments can be expected to arrive.

The built-in Medics Claim Denial Manager displays any denied claims, their reason for denial, and provides the ability to edit and resubmit, all from one window.

MedicsPremier’s Automated ERA makes payment posting to EOBs easy, quick, and accurate.

Reports, Data, Analytics

Data Driven Details: MedicsPremier Plastic Surgery Practice Management software comes with a built-in array of Financial and Management Reports to really help manage the Plastic Surgery practice:

  • Highly customizable without requiring expensive add on utilities such as Crystal Reports™
  • Data can be drilled-into for details which can then also be edited from that view
  • Reports are easily exported to Excel™
  • Users can schedule reports to compile at pre-defined times
  • Report data can be highlighted with color coding / color fonts

For added PM Functionality

In addition to all of the integral features and capabilities provided with MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery, more can be added as needed:

  • Medicall™ Patient Communication System for automated appointment reminders and confirmations and for sharing general information with patients, all via auto-dialing / email / texts.
  • Medics OnCall™ “App” for remote connectivity using an internet-enabled smartphone. View patient information, schedule appointments, post procedures and diagnoses.
  • MedicsScan™ for attaching letters, IDs, drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, etc. to the patient’s MedicsPremier account for quick retrieval, viewing, and printing if needed.
  • MedicsCollections™ for Plastic Surgery practices with high volume collections needing collection agency-type power.
  • TransFirst™ for integrated credit and debit card payments, payment by check, and automated funds transfers. Excellent for accepting in-office copayments or outstanding balances.

Versatility:  MedicsPremier can be implemented in the format that works best for the client.

  • Cloud / ASP: MedicsPremier resides on remote servers and is accessed securely over the internet; the client does not need a server at the practice.
  • Customer hosted (client server): MedicsPremier resides on a server located at the practice.

MedicsPremier for Plastic Surgery is produced by Advanced Data Systems, a company with over forty years in healthcare automation. ADS is an extraordinary example of stability and reliability in the industry. The company provides timely Implementation, comprehensive Training , excellent ongoing Support with Updates, and data conversions from existing systems.