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Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing Software

Brilliance in Financial and Operational ASC Automation


ASCQR reporting. HCFA, UB, workers comp and no-fault claims. Multiple tax IDs. Comprehensive EDI. Anesthesiology billing if needed. ASC-specific scheduling. Analytics, KPIs and reports. Patient due statements. Multiple tax IDs.

MedicsPremier for ASCs does it all. It’s deployable securely in the cloud, or as a customer hosted system on your server(s). It can be integrated with any number of other system types including EHRs. And, MedicsRCM™ is available for ASCs that prefer comprehensive, outsourced  revenue cycle management services. MedicsRCM also uses MedicsPremier.

On the cash flow, billing, and EDI side for ASCs, MedicsPremier supports: 

  • pre-surgery eligibility verifications to ensure patients’ insurance is in effect
    • can be done in batch mode through the MedicsPremier scheduler
  • a nearly 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims
  • a rules engine for helping to maximize coding resulting in more profitable reimbursements
  • intuitive submitting of secondary and tertiary payers as previous payers’ reimbursements are received
  • automated EOBs / ERAs to ensure reimbursements are quickly and accurately applied to patients’ accounts
  • Vision™ claim tracking for “right now,” real-time status checks on claims to verify they’re being worked by payers
  • the Medics Claim Denial Manager™ with “on the fly” editing and resubmitting of denied claims
  • preventing repetitive denials with alerts as established in the rules engine based on previous denials by that payer
  • patient statements as balances become the patient’s responsibility
    • economical offsite statements and fulfillment is available
  • intelligent A/R and collections with capabilities such as reports on payers who should’ve paid by now, but haven’t 

ASC Scheduling, Workflow

The MedicsPremier scheduler itself is a powerful financial and management system with capabilities that include: 

  • batch verifying patient eligibility in advance
  • displaying copayments as appointments are scheduled
  • multi-dimensional / multi-modality scheduling based on surgery type
  • specifying a particular surgery suite based on surgery type
  • built-in dynamic appointment reminder texts
  • workflow visuals to keep things moving efficiently throughout the center

Portal and Kiosk are supported through MedicsPremier: 

  • MedicsPremier Portal™ with secure 24 x 7 x 365 access for:
    • secure patient pay online feature
    • enter / edit patient demographics
    • request appointments which are then confirmed by the ASC
    • complete online questionnaires and “paperwork” in advance
  • MedicsKiosk™ is similar to the portal but is used from the ASC’s reception area
    • can be accessed via tablet, laptop or stationary desktop PC
    • ideal for patients who didn’t use the portal in advance, or if additional information is needed
    • perfect for patients who arrive with a caregiver
    • data is confirmed by ASC staff and then saved in MedicsPremier
    • eliminates clipboards and handwritten forms that need to be deciphered after which information has to be entered manually by staff 

KPIs, Analytics and Reports for ASCs

MedicsPremier provides for an extensive library of user-defined management and financial reports specifically for ASCs.

Of particular interest to ASCs are reports and KPIs on: 

  • ASCQR reporting
  • referring surgeons / practices and associated revenue derived
  • insurance reimbursements by payer
  • resource utilization with income-related statistics
  • denied claims with resubmissions displayed

Reports and KPIs are displayable in a number of formats. Virtually all can be exported to Excel™. Data elements can be drilled into for more detail. And, expensive, add on report writing utilities aren’t needed.

Reports can be created, saved, and scheduled to compile automatically at specific times, on certain days, or monthly, quarterly, etc.

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Your ASC is there to help patients. It’s also a business, and businesses like your ASC need great automation in order to operate (no pun intended). MedicsPremier will help your ASC do exactly that!