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Dermatology Practice Management Software

It’s not enough for the software to be great. The vendor must also understand the highly specialized requirements needed by Dermatology practices.

That’s why you should consider MedicsPremier and ADS!

Practice Management Software for Dermatology

Ensuring Every Dollar for Every Visit!

  • Nearly 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims
  • Real time claim tracking & denial management
  • Patient statements as balances become their responsibility, and for cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance; payment plan tracking
  • Know what they Owe™ patient responsibility calculations
  • Pre-appointment alerts if the selected dermatologist isn’t authorized by the patient’s insurance
  • Pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications
  • Claim tracking, “on the fly” denial management, automated EOB reconciliations
  • Handles MOHS surgeons on staff or contracted
  • Specialized MOHS scheduling
  • Dermatology-specific Scheduling and KPIs / Reports / Analytics
  • Spa sessions / Botox™ / Aesthetician and Cosmetician billing
  • Single-window, yet segregated display of patient’s medical procedures / fees, and charges for non-medical services / treatments
  • Purchasable products with expiration dates
  • Automated tax rates calculated based on item / purchase location
  • Payments by gift cardscoupons, &via prepayments
  • Inventory management and tracking\
  • Single window Check Out for payments on procedures and non-medical products / services
  • CRM capabilities track and analyze marketing campaign results

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ADS and your Practice’s Purchasable Products and Non-Medical Services

Does your practice:

  • Sell purchasable products?
  • Accept gift cards and coupons?
  • Provide services by aestheticians and cosmeticians?
  • Offer spa treatments and other non-medical services?
  • Need to calculate sales tax separately from medical procedures?

See how MedicsPremier for Dermatology can help by watching this quick video!

EHR Software for Dermatology

EHR for Dermatology is very highly specialized. For that reason, ADS has configured MedicsPremier to be compatible with any number of Dermatology-specific EHRs. Integrations have been perfected and are in use right now creating “best-of-breed” solutions for those Dermatology practices.

RCM Services for Dermatology

MedicsRCM for Dermatology is an excellent resource for Dermatology practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs.

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