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Otolaryngology EHR and Practice Management Software

Extremely Nimble Technology in Practice/Financial Management and EHR Software for ENT

ENT-software.jpgThe AI-architected, rules engine-driven MedicsCloud Suite for ENT is designed to do what automation should do: automate, reduce “busywork,” and create hands-free processes so you can provide the best in healthcare for your patients:

Versatility:  PM and/or EHR!

  • Use the full Suite: MedicsPremier for financial/operational automation and the MedicsCloud EHR for ENT, or
  • Use either platform as needed with interfaces to existing systems

Compliance: Easily comply with complicated CMS initiatives!

  • The MedicsCloud EHR is Cures Act-certified
  • The No-Surprises Act: MedicsPremier issues out-of-network alerts
  • MIPS reporting: the Suite enables you to compile and report as needed
  • Clinical Decision Support (AUC): MedicsCloud EHR is ready now for it


The MedicsCloud EHR is ONC certified helping to ensure providers can obtain incentives.

MedicsCloud EHR Certification and Costs

The Financial and Practice Management Automation (MedicsPremier)

  • Get out-of-network alerts and eligibility verifications, both on scheduling appointments
  • Perform additional batch verifications prior to appointments as you wish
  • Patient Responsibility Estimator access on scheduling, ideal for controlling patient A/R
  • Use the multi-modality MedicsPremier scheduler and our interactive reminder texting option
  • Our Prior Authorizations option saves time and avoids reimbursement issues
  • The Denial Preventer alerts on claims likely to be denied
  • On-the-fly Denial Manager for any not detected by the Preventer
  • A nearly 100% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims is supported
  • Workers’ comp and no-fault claims, if needed
  • Setup for E/M coding alerts for optimized reimbursements
  • Setup for NCCI edit alerts if multiple claims for a patient should be bundled
  • Real-time claim tracking to ensure submitted claims are being processed
  • Automated EOB reconciliations
  • Balance-due reminder texting option with online payments
  • Statements can also be emailed or be offsite for paper processing
  • Comprehensive financial/management analytics, KPIs, and dashboards
  • Reports are user-friendly and exportable to Excel
  • Single or multiple tax IDs as needed  

The Clinical Charting and Reporting Automation(the Certified MedicsCloud EHR)

  • Specialty-specific templates, workflow, medication management
  • Hands-free voice navigation with the built-in Medics FlowText
  • Eliminates tediously placing the cursor into the next-needed field
  • Intelligent voice-to-text-to-data entry as part of transcribing reports
  • Compatible with almost any transcription system such as Dragon Medical
  • Comprehensive array of clinical reports

Mobility and Engagement

  • Medics Portal for patients to self-serve on any number of levels
  • Patient payments online through the Portal or Balance-Due Reminder texts
  • Medics Telemedicine app for virtual encounters
  • Remote patient monitoring as may be applicable to you
  • Medics Kiosk for expedited intake
  • Interactive appointment reminder texts; patients reply to confirm or cancel
  • Scanning insurance, drivers’ licenses, documents for data input, and images auto-attached to patients’ profiles
  • Interfaces with almost any LIS/LIMS (labs) and with PACS platforms for radiology images

Contact us to see how the MedicsCloud Suite for ENT will help improve your revenue, workflow, productivity, and mobility. Or, about how MedicsPremier or the MedicsCloud EHR can do the same, individually.


“When a patient’s record is opened, virtually any and every piece of information needed on the patient becomes immediately available. Medications prescribed, test results, images, allergies, previous visit details…all of this is easily viewed directly from the patient’s record. The system is a pleasure to use, and the ROI it produces in terms of eliminated redundancy and manual drudgery is extraordinary.”


Steven Gronowitz, MD
Clifton, NJ