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ExpressBill™ and e-Statements

Mailed, Emailed, or Both!

ExpressBill-eStatementsWhat does it take to get one statement to one patient? Printing, folding, inserting into the envelopes, sealing, affixing postage, and mailing.

That’s six distinct, separate steps for one statement. You can now calculate out the number of steps needed for your monthly statement volume.

What about wear and tear on printers, toner cartridges, the stockpile of window envelopes needed, and the statement paper itself?

Between material, equipment usage, and person-power, the cost to fulfill patient statements this way is extraordinary. It might even be more than the value of a lot of your statements!

For literally pennies more than the postage which you’d have to pay for anyway:

  • Have your patient statements printed and mailed in an impressive mailer by ExpressBill
  • Tear-off edges and a self-contained return envelope format
  • Simply download your statement data to ExpressBill™ directly from your ADS Medics system
  • Statements look like they’re coming from your practice
  • Statements have your logo, contact information, and personalized “look”
  • Payments go directly to your practice
  • Your Medics system keeps track of statements sent
  • You’re getting them done with a few mouse clicks, not with all of the drudgery already mentioned

Can it get any better? It sure can with digital e-statements!

Now we’re talking about a completely paperless statement / payment option that delivers your statements directly to the patient’s or guarantor’s email address…not to a common mailbox where everyone in the household can see it.

  • Simply download your e-Statement data from your Medics system exactly as you would for ExpressBill statements
  • They can be tracked as to when they were emailed
  • See whether or not they were opened, cluing you into the patient’s approach to paying
  • Presents an extraordinary tool when making collection calls
  • Undeliverable emails automatically revert to regular ExpressBill mailers the same or next day
  • Either way, the patient gets a statement
  • Use “undeliverables” as a way to update your patients’ email addresses
  • e-statements contain a built-in link to a secure, online payment facility through which the patient or guarantor can use a credit or debit card to pay right now
  • Online payments go directly into your account
  • The entire patient statement process becomes paperless and environmentally friendly

Whether you prefer Expressbill mailers or e-statements, either are easier than the six steps!

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