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After Insurance Balances

Getting Your Ever-Increasing Patient Due Amounts


Patients are no doubt becoming one of your biggest payer groups. In fact, patients are reportedly the third largest payer group in the US only behind Medicare and Medicaid.

So…getting every dollar from every patient (including their co-payments) is no longer an afterthought: it’s an absolute necessity. The MedicsCloud Suite helps you accomplish it in a number of different ways starting from scheduling the appointment.

Almost simultaneously, the system will help ensure you’ll be paid by the person’s insurance:

  • be alerted if the selected provider is out-of-network for the patient avoiding that problem from the “get-go”
  • then, use the system’s responsibility estimator to give a good approximation of what the patient will owe after insurance

- start the conversation right now on getting at least a partial payment on arrival (perhaps even a full payment) and / or about a payment plan

  • immediately follow that up with a reminder about the co-payment on arrival which MedicsCloud also displays while scheduling the appointment  

Now that the patient is here for the appointment, the balance due can be reviewed again in greater detail and a payment can be asked for. If it’s a partial payment, see about scheduling a payment plan.  You might also get a signed acknowledgment from the patient.

MedicsCloud handles payment plans making them easy to manage, with alerts on payments that are late.

All of this works toward:

  • avoiding surprises when his or her first statement arrives  
  • ensuring your patient due amounts are paid

Two additional features of interest on obtaining patient due balances:

  • Our MedicsPortal supports secure online payments by patients using their iPads, iPhones and Androids
  • Our Medics Texting can be used for balance-due reminders with reminders about paying through the MedicsPortal

Immediately as your patients’ only or final insurance reimbursements are posted, the Suite marks those patient balances as current from that date eliminating a major reason for calls to the office.  

You can generate statements at that point through MedicsCloud, but the system also supports quick off-loading patient statements. By off-loading, you eliminate the six steps needed for statements:  printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, affixing postage, and mailing. It’s a lot of steps for one statement, let alone hundreds or possibly thousands of them. And, you’d dramatically reduce statement paper, envelopes (doubled if you include one for return), printer wear and tear, and cartridges.

Outsourcing your statements costs just pennies more per statement than the postage which makes for a significant ROI vs. everything just mentioned.

And, outsourced statements look great. They’d have your logo and return address. You can even include a message about signing into the MedicsPortal to pay online!

Complete the form for more information on how you can ensure patients pay their balances, including through improved engagement and experience-enhancing tools provided through the MedicsCloud Suite. Engaged patients typically have a much better experience, and that all translates into an overwhelming likelihood on getting paid!