Family Medicine EHR and Practice Management

It’s not enough for the software to be great…the vendor must also understand the highly specialized requirements needed by Family and General Medicine practices.

top-ehr-logosEHR Software for Family Medicine

For the Family and General Practice, Medics EHR is the ideal solution with features that include:

Family Medicine EHR Features

Keep patients, caregivers, and guarantors engaged and connected with the practice 24 x 7 x 365 with abilities to request appointments, complete forms and “paperwork” online, view their medical information as allowable by the practice, and for communicating with the practice. MedicsPortal is a timesaving feature allowing users to self-serve anytime at their convenience.

Operates as the portal but from the reception or waiting area on tablet, laptop or desktop PCs. Ideal for patients who weren't able to use the portal in advance. MedicsKiosk works to eliminate the clipboard and paperwork on arrival giving patients the ability to enter the information electronically which then only needs to be confirmed by the practice and then saved. Dramatically reduces staff time needed to decipher patient’s handwriting and then to enter the data manually.

Visit Types
Templates for office visits are divided into Family Practice and Pediatrics. Family Practice uses those templates while the Pediatric templates are for Initial, Well Baby, and Sick Baby visits.

My Encounters
The My Encounters section provides encounter information about the patient for each doctor. It contains information such as name, appointment dates, chief complaint, and assessment.

Growth Charts
This section contains a collection of various growth chart images that were developed by the National Center for Health Statistics. The provider can mark the relevant chart and attach it to the patient’s encounter for future reference.

Images and Handwriting Recognition
Attach images directly to the patient’s electronic record for quick retrieval and comparison. Electronic handwriting can be used to make and save notations on images.  

Medication Management and e-Rx
e-Prescribe directly and securely to the patient’s pharmacy including for controlled substances where allowable by law; obtain alerts on allergies, interactions and on formularies. Maintains a medication database per-patient with refill management.

Interfaced with any number of labs, providers can order tests directly through the Medics EHR and obtain results back into the EHR with alerts on abnormal results.

Using the Messages section, providers can send secure intra-office messages as well as to other care providers. The window displays a list of all sent and received messages for reference.

Medics FlowText™ for Revolutionizing Family Medicine Transcription!

A function that has been a persistent nuisance with EHRs - getting text for reports and letters smartly into the appropriate fields within the EHR - is solved by Medics FlowText as a built-in capability within the Medics EHR.

Practice Management Software for Family Medicine

Ensuring Every Dollar for Every Patient with MedicsPM!

  • Obtain alerts when scheduling if the provider isn’t recognized by the patient’s insurance; doable for same day / walk-ins  
  • Batch-verify eligibility in advance through the scheduler and for same day / walk-ins; doable for same day / walk-ins
  • Medics SMS™ interactive texting of appointment reminders to patients’ cellphones
  • Comprehensive EDI with a nearly 99% success rate on 1st attempt clearinghouse claims
  • Medics Claim Denial Manager built-in
  • Real-time claim tracking 
  • Know what they'll Owe™ Patient Responsibility Estimator built-in
  • Workers Compensation / No-Fault claims and billing if needed
  • System-generated patient statements or very economical offsite statements / e-Statements containing secure “pay now” button
  • Family Medicine scheduler is a powerful management / financial tool protecting revenue in advance
  • Solid management and financial Family Medicine practice KPIs / analytics / reports / dashboards
  • WindowOne™ architecture for reduced keystrokes and quick data visuals

RCM Services for Family Medicine

Comprehensive, Outsourced Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

  • Ideal for Family Medicine practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs
  • MedicsRCM uses Medics PM and EHR for Family Medicine
  • Clients have transparent24 x 7 x 365 access to all of their data

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“When a patient’s record is opened, virtually any and every piece of information needed on the patient becomes immediately available. Medications prescribed, test results, images, allergies, previous visit details…all of this is easily viewed directly from the patient’s record. The system is a pleasure to use, and the ROI it produces in terms of eliminated redundancy and manual drudgery is extraordinary.”


Steven Gronowitz, MD
Clifton, NJ