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Inventory Management

Purchasable Products, Non-Medical Services, and Marketing

Depending on the specialty, it’s not unusual for medical practices to sell products, or to provide non-medical types of services.

Examples include orthotics, specialized shoes, frames and lenses, nutritionals, supplements, ointments, spa treatments and services by cosmeticians and aestheticians.

Practices that sell products and / or deliver non-medical services need a few things from their automation:

  • inventory management to help track stock and issue alerts when it’s time to reorder
  • an ability to automatically calculate sales tax based on the practice’s location
  • a scheduler that handles medical and non-medical appointments, either combined as one visit or as separate visits
  • capability to accept payment methods including gift cards and coupons

The MedicsCloud Suite supports everything mentioned above as a built-in, no extra cost feature!

The patient’s medical procedures, non-medical services, and purchased products are displayed within a single view, yet with each grouping’s charges and sales tax clearly segregated and totaled, and then a grand total for all charges.

A simple checkout window invokes with easy payment posting for medical and / or non-medical services, and with an ability to accept coupons and gift cards.

And, our MedicsCRM is another built-in feature that will track the success of any advertising and marketing programs in which you may be engaged.

Contact us to schedule a personalized overview of the MedicsCloud Suite and all of its revenue producing and patient experience enhancing features!