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How an “On the Move” Optometry Practice Thrives Financially with Optical Billing Software

About Leoncio V. Gonzalez OD, PA

Located within Miami’s Kendall Regional Medical Center, the newly reconstructed optometry practice of Dr. Leoncio Gonzalez is home to thousands of patients who rely on the practice for optometry tests, for new frames, lenses, contacts and repairs or adjustments on existing eyeglasses.

Dr. Gonzalez said, “With patient volume on a continual increase, we needed to up our game on all levels, which is a good thing. We now occupy an office that’s truly eye-catching which is always great for optometry. Everything is clean and sleek and high tech, from the diagnostic equipment and automation we use to the reception area for our patients. It’s all top shelf.”

Part of the practice’s ramped up automation includes the MedicsPremier™ optical billing, scheduling, reporting and workflow system from Advanced Data Systems (ADS).







Leoncio V. Gonzalez OD, PA
Miami, FL

Hospital Affiliation:

Kendall Regional Medical Center

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Dr. Gonzalez said, “MedicsPremier brought with it an extraordinary, nearly 99% success rate on our first attempt clearinghouse claims helping to dramatically improve our reimbursements and cash flow. It has enabled us to bill out-of-network empowering us to see patients we couldn’t have seen before absolutely contributing to our increased revenue. And, that almost 99% rate applies to out-of-network patients as well.”

“MedicsPremier supports incredibly powerful scheduling which is something we didn’t have before. Appointment reminders are basically self-running and definitely work to help keep patients engaged, and not missing their appointments,” Dr. Gonzalez said.

Dr. Gonzalez continued, “We’re able to quickly reschedule any patients who have to cancel, and we can then move future appointments into open time slots creating a ‘win’ for everyone. Its also great for scheduling our patient mix more logically.”

The practice uses the scheduler to do their pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications which helps ensure everyone coming in has been checked. Patients with coverage issues are notified in advance giving them enough time to work with their insurers before coming in.

Dr. Gonzalez noted how MedicsPremier essentially takes the role of an EHR for them since it stores notes on each patient’s account, basically mimicking an EHR. “For example, when a patient returns for a fitting, we can see what’s needed just by referring to those notes without having to pull patient information from disparate sources.”

Dr. Gonzalez said, “Since we don’t have to report on MIPS, this EHR-like capability is ideal for what we need. In fact, MedicsPremier also has an excellent way for us to store and manage images on each patient’s account saving us time consuming data entry, and toner and printer wear and tear. It’s remarkable to see these types of functionalities in optical billing software.”

MedicsPremier is relied on for detailed financial and management reports and analytics. “We’re here to help patients. But we’re now also running our practice like the business it really is. You can’t do that without statistics and key performance indicators, and MedicsPremier more than provides for that,” Dr. Gonzalez said.

Dr. Gonzalez remarked on how smoothly the data conversion from their existing system was, as was implementation and training, adding, “ADS gave us the option of deploying the software either as a customer hosted system on our server, or in the cloud. We opted for the cloud, but we liked that we had a choice.”

Dr. Gonzalez closed by saying, “The practice is able to see more patients in less time which is remarkable. Cash flow is excellent on both the payer and patient side, with the system fully handling patient-due statements as well. And, our efficiency has never been better. MedicsPremier is unquestionably an upper echelon optical billing, scheduling and reporting system for us, as it should be for your optometry practice.”

"MedicsPremier brought with it an extraordinary, nearly 99% success rate on our first attempt clearinghouse claims helping to dramatically improve our reimbursements and cash flow."

Leoncio V. Gonzalez, OD PA

Leoncio V. Gonzalez, OD PA


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