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Oncology EHR and Practice Management Software

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ADS understands the uniqueness, complexities, and data-intensive nature of oncology.  

Our MedicsCloud EHR for Oncology  contains tools for managing the intricate protocols and medication management needs, and for enhancing the workflow  between the entire oncology care team.

Among other capabilities, our feature-rich, oncology-specific EHR comes with:

  • tumor staging
  • data-intensive workflows
  • chemotherapy dosing and administration
  • toxicity assessment
  • survivorship care
  • clinical trial protocol management
  • drug inventory management

The system supports an ability to electronically exchange and share patient data and images with others including pathology, radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory.

Longitudinal Chart


The single window dashboard displays the patient record, visit history, problem list, assessment and plan by previous encounters, cancer staging, chemotherapy and other pertinent factors that gives the provider a quick view of the patient’s longitudinal chart.

Cancer Staging


A very easy-to-use, intuitive automated cancer staging capability is built into the system.

Create custom stage groupings. The TNM staging system is based on the size and / or extent (reach) of the primary tumor (T), based on the selection criteria. Staging is automatically generated which is then transferred to the assessment sections of the patient’s chart.

An intuitive graphical interface is available for annotation, provider comments, and pictorial representations.

View labs, drug doses, toxicities, review of systems, physical examination, assessments, and notes with the system’s patient flow sheets.

Document disease response and track adverse events.

Chemotherapy and Other Orders


Select from a library of disease-specific regimens.

Ability to adjust dosage by percentage, mg/m2 or calculated dose. Automated dose calculation amounts can be defined as calculated vs. fixed amounts.

Dose calculation mechanism to account for changes in patient’s condition such as weight, BSA, and Serum Creatinine.

Drug Ordering / Drug Interaction checking (drug / drug, drug / allergy, drug / diagnosis), and inventory management.

Structured point-and-click selection of: labs, diagnostics, return visits, procedures, and referrals.

Outpatient Chemo Dispensing


Dose calculation mechanism to account for changes in patient’s conditions such as weight, BSA, serum creatinine.

Dose limit checking including maximum daily / lifetime cumulative dose.

Ability to adjust dose by percentage, mg/m2 dose, or calculated dose.

Outcomes Analysis and Reporting are based on the patient’s longitudinal chart, and are tracked from initial diagnosis throughout treatment and follow-up.

Diagnosis-specific data can be examined in order to segment patients and evaluate long term outcomes including:

  • Clinical: treatment patterns and responses, toxicity, and survival
  • Financial: insurance listing, revenue and costing, superbill, Case Report Forms (CRFs), adverse event listings, and variance reporting.

The system has been designed and built exclusively for oncology with teams who understand the core workflows of the specialty.

Oncology Practice Management Software

Ensuring Every Dollar for Every Patient!

  • Comprehensive EDI with a nearly 99% success rate on 1st attempt Oncology clearinghouse claims
  • Medics Claim Denial Manager built-in
  • Real-time claim tracking for actual views on expected reimbursements
  • Oncology billing requirements as called for by payers
  • Know what they Owe Patient Responsibility Estimator built-in
  • Oncology scheduler is a powerful management / financial tool protecting revenue in advance and for intricate Oncology scheduling
  • Infusion Chair scheduling and management for optimized utilization
  • Solid management and financial Oncology practice analytics / reports / dashboards
  • WindowOne™ architecture for reduced keystrokes and quick data visuals
  • Our portal, kiosk, telemedicine, and interactive reminder texting are iPad, iPhone, and Android-enabled creating an excellent patient experience while keeping them engaged

Medical Billing Services for Oncology

Comprehensive MedicsRCM for Oncology Revenue Cycle Management

  • Ideal for Oncology practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs
  • MedicsRCM uses the Medics Suite but clients can retain their existing EHRs if preferred with an interface to MedicsRCM
  • Clients have transparent, unfettered access to the systems, to the extent they want!

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“When a patient’s record is opened, virtually any and every piece of information needed on the patient becomes immediately available. Medications prescribed, test results, images, allergies, previous visit details…all of this is easily viewed directly from the patient’s record. The system is a pleasure to use, and the ROI it produces in terms of eliminated redundancy and manual drudgery is extraordinary.”


Steven Gronowitz, MD
Clifton, NJ