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Busy Pain Management Practice Increases Efficiency with Virtually Click-Free Charting

Ravi Venkataraman MD and Associates

Ravi Venkataraman MD, is a board certified anesthesiologist with subspecialty certifications in pain management. “Dr. Ravi,” as he is known to his patients and colleagues, has been a practicing anesthesiologist and pain physician for thirty years.

In addition to being the lead physician at his own practice, Dr. Ravi was the Director of Anesthesiology at nearby Bergen Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Ravi and his team have always been automation driven having implemented their first system more than twenty five years ago. As the years went on they knew something more robust was needed on the practice management side, and with the advent of electronic health records (EHR), interest in that also peaked.


Ravi Venkataraman MD and Associates
Ravi Venkataraman MD
Clifton, NJ

ADS Systems Used:

MedicsEHR for Pain Management
Medics FlowText


“We became aware of ADS and their Medics systems in the late 1990’s. We looked at their software which even then presented itself as being remarkably comprehensive for pain management. The decision was made to implement Medics and that decision has never been regretted,” Dr. Ravi said.

The Medics Suite evolved over time and is used by the team for every aspect of practice management, from EDI and claims to reports and scheduling, and for its specialty-specific EHR that comprehensively assists them in treating the underlying pathology contributing to the patients’ pain. “In fact, we make sure our patients know we use EHR explaining what that means to them,” Dr. Ravi noted.

“Our practice focuses on enabling patients to return to their normal, active lives, and the MedicsEHR is an excellent vehicle supporting us in that quest.

With its templates, its ability to integrate with our diagnostic equipment, and its ability to operate “on the fly” as patients are seen, the MedicsEHR also creates incredible efficiencies allowing us to see more patients, and actually giving us some free time at the end of the day,” Dr. Ravi said. Data captured in the MedicsEHR is transmitted to the MedicsPM making for instantaneous billing and claim submissions.

A major MedicsEHR timesaver utilized is Medics FlowText for transcription. Dr. Ravi commented on how this feature alone is virtually priceless. “We do a lot of transcribing as does any pain management practice. With FlowText, working with Dragon Medical™, we’re able to transcribe a report, see the report being created, and have data inserted intelligently into the correctly corresponding fields in the patient’s MedicsEHR record, all in one pass. Basically as the report is saved the data has also already been input into the record. There’s not a pain management practice anywhere that wouldn’t benefit by having Medics FlowText. And, it also enables the MedicsEHR to be voice navigable, making FlowText even more compelling.”

“The Medics Suite, with its very consistent 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims and its ability to pre-verify eligibility through the scheduler in advance of patients’ appointments helps ensure the practice is paid every dollar for every patient visit. The scheduler itself is a powerful management, workflow, and financial tool. And, the system’s reports and analytics are incredibly comprehensive, yet user friendly,” Dr. Ravi added.

Dr. Ravi closed by saying, “The Medics Suite and ADS itself with its training, support, updates - and perhaps most importantly – its knowledge of the pain management specialty has helped in so many ways over the years. It’s a rare combination of vendor and software that we recommend be considered by pain management practices anywhere, of any size, and with any number of locations.”

"The MedicsEHR for Pain Management streamlines our workflow and allows us to see more patients more efficiently."


Ravi Venkataraman MD

Founder & President

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