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Patient / Attorney Case Management

Patient Attorney Management and Portal • Multiple Cases per Patient • Workers Comp / No-Fault EDI • Transcription • Image Control


The MedicsCloud Suite is ideal if you require any or all of these!

  • track and manage patients’ attorneys 
  • attorney documentation is immediately available to them and to referring physicians through our Medics Portals 
    • save hundreds of hours of time retrieving, printing, faxing / mailing
  • supports multiple cases for the same patient  
  • attach attorney and referring physician information on a case-specific basis, per-patient  
  • workers compensation / no-fault claims option with supporting documentation
    • HCFA and UB claims as well
  • attach radiologic and other types of images to patients’ records for easy retrieving, viewing and comparisons with previous images
    • supports electronic handwritten notations on images
  • transcribe from almost anywhere globally on your iPad, iPhone or Android while completing the record as part of transcribing with our built-in Medics FlowText
    • works with almost any voice recognition system such as Dragon Medical One
    • the certified MedicsCloud EHR is virtually click-free by being responsive to voice commands with FlowText
    • MACRA dashboard is built-in for MIPS reporting

The MedicsCloud Suite supports iPad, iPhone, and Android mobility as well as:  

  • multiple tax IDs or a single tax ID
  • a nearly 99% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims
  • Vision® claim tracking in real time  
  • on-the-fly denial management
  • instantaneous EOB reconciliations via ERAs
  • purchasable products, inventory management, automated sales tax calculations  

Medics FlowText:  Transforming The Way We Transcribe!

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