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Patient Data Capture Solution

Acuant™…Plan to Scan™!

ADS’ affiliation with Acuant brings a more streamlined, scanning way to get patient information
into the Medics system.


For new patients: practices simply scan their drivers’ license and / or insurance ID card. The
Acuant interface with Medics places the patient’s demographics and insurance information
(if using an insurance ID card) directly into their Medics record with almost no user intervention
needed other than the scanning itself.

For returning patients: current information can be confirmed verbally as is probably being
done now. If there are changes, just scan the IDs to amend their information in the system.
Some practices actually scan all patients every time, allowing the system to display any
information that doesn’t match.

RCM companies who use the Medics PM can have Acuant deployed at their clients’ practices
as well to help them facilitate data entry into your Medics PM.

Scanning via Acuant is a fast and accurate way to get demographics into your Medics
system on the first attempt!