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Patient Methods of Payment, Unlimited

With our tools for capturing patient balances after insurance, there can’t be any limit on how they can pay!

The MedicsCloud Suite supports almost unlimited ways for patients to pay their balances due:

  • using their iPads, iPhones, or Androids, patients can pay directly online through the MedicsPortal
  • tablet, laptop, and desktop PCs can also be used to access the portal
  • at the practice, copayments and balance-due amounts can be made by credit / debit cards and ACH through the MedicsCloud Suite without needing separate terminals
  • payments / credits by gift cards and coupons are supported through the MedicsCloud Suite
  • the scheduler displays open balances; patients can be asked to pay by phone as they’re scheduling the next appointment
  • the system supports payment plans with automated alerts if patients miss their payments

Medics Texts are ideal as open balance reminders to patients. They can access the MedicsPortal from their smartphone and pay directly as noted above.

While it might be a dwindling payment method, the system supports payment by cash.

Method of payment reports can be generated giving you a clear picture on how patients pay.

It’s a new era in healthcare reimbursements with patient balances growing by the minute.

Your practice needs to be proactive in collecting patient payments, and give patients every possible way to pay!

Contact us for more information on patient payments and how the MedicsCloud Suite empowers you to capture those payments in virtually any way that works best for the patient.