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Patient Responsibility Estimator

Save Surprises for Birthdays!

According to some sources, patients are now the third largest payer group in the US behind Medicare and Medicaid. So, now is not the time to let those amounts due slide!

One of the best ways to capture those amounts due is by avoiding surprises on the part of the patient by letting them know right at the point of scheduling their appointments as to what their responsibility amounts will be after their insurers have reimbursed.

You can do it with the MedicsCloud Suite and it’s patient responsibility estimator which is accessible from the scheduler. You can even start the conversation about making at least a partial payment on arrival and then talk about a payment plan.

Copayments are also displayed on scheduling helping to capture those as well.

On their way in or out, each patient can be shown on screen how their amount due has been calculated what they will personally owe for today’s visit once insurance has paid, and taking deductibles, any coinsurance, and the copay into consideration.

Even if the patient makes no payment, at least there won’t be any surprises when their statement arrives. And in any case, you could get a signed acknowledgment.

Reminder that you’re also able to obtain alerts on scheduling if the provider is out-of-network, and you can batch verify eligibility in advance through the scheduler to ensure coverage is valid. And, you’ll remind patients about their upcoming appointments using the system’s interactive Medics texting. Texts are also excellent as patient-due reminders.

All of these capabilities help empower you to obtain ever-increasing patient responsibility amounts. Contact us to see about these and all the other features available in the MedicsCloud Suite for keeping patients engaged, their experience excellent, and as a result…paying!