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Patient Responsibility Estimator

Save Surprises for Birthdays!

According to some sources, patients are now the third largest payer group in the US behind Medicare and Medicaid. So, now is not the time to let those amounts due slide!

One of the best ways to capture patient balances is by making sure patients know what they will be before their appointments!

Access our Patient Responsibility Estimator as part of scheduling appointments and provide patients with a close approximation of what they’ll owe based on the appointment reason.

Then as patients leave, another estimate can be given now that their actual procedures have been performed.
Based per your financial policy, you might want to get signed acknowledgments from patients, and perhaps even request full or partial payments now as allowable by the particular payers.

Patients won’t be surprised when their statements arrive, or better, when their balance due texts are received (another option for your consideration!). Patients are able to pay through their texts and the Medics portal.

The Patient Responsibility Estimator is a powerful tool for keeping patient balances under control!