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The Complete Guide to Laboratory Billing Software

Laboratories come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties, but one thing common to all is a need for steady - even increasing - revenue.


Laboratories tend to focus their time and resources on analytical equipment and the LIS, with less attention paid to their internal billing systems or outsourced billing services.

While those things are important, it’s the laboratory’s in house billing system or outsourced service (aka, the revenue cycle management or RCM company) that can literally “make or break” the laboratory because the reality is, if the laboratory isn’t being paid, nothing else matters.

In this ebook, you will read about:

  • The nuances of each type of billing / reporting resource available to laboratories
  • What the software should be doing in regards to each of the three types of resources described
  • The KPIs, analytics, & reports needed by laboratories in order to function correctly
  • Other "making laboratory life easier" tidbits

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