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Urology EHR Software and Practice Management

MedicsCloud-Access-Anywhere.pngClick-Free EHR Software for Urology

The MedicsCloud EHR is a comprehensive charting system ideal for urology practices and groups of any size.

Urology EHR Software Features

  • Gender-specific physical exams with a ROS accompanied by physical exam findings for all body parts
  • MACRA dashboard built-in for MIPS data mining and reporting   
  • MedicsPortal, Medics Telemedicine, and MedicsKiosk for enhanced efficiencies and patient engagement
  • Customizable, built in specialty-specific templates for documenting urology concerns such as BPH, Prostate Cancer, Cystitis, Elevated PSA, Impotence, Infertility, Irritable Bladder, Renal Colic, Renal Disease, UTI, and more
  • Broad-spectrum of procedure templates which include Cystoscopy Operative Report, Catheterization, Lupron, Renal Sonogram, Pelvic Sonogram, and more  
  • Flexible, templated consult letters which can be easily modified  
  • Automated workflow supports the urologist through the encounter and patient care      
  • Attach images to patients’ records for easy retrieval and review; handwritten notations can be made on images
  • PDMP/NCPDP-certified e-Rx
  • Integrations with diagnostic equipment are available
  • MedicsCloud EHR supports comprehensive urology-specific cancer / oncology clinical management

Use FlowText to Boost your EHR Performance!

Working with Dragon Medical™, Medics FlowText intelligently inputs data into the patient’s Medics EHR record - in the correct fields - in one pass as reports are transcribed. This voice-to-text-to-data-entry functionality is a significant timesaver, combining two actions into one. And, Medics FlowText makes the MedicsCloud EHR voice navigable!



Urology Practice Management Software

Ensuring Every Dollar for Every Patient!

  • Comprehensive EDI with a nearly 99% success rate on 1st attempt Urology clearinghouse claims
  • Supports an unlimited number of tax IDs, or a single tax ID
  • Medics Claim Denial Manager built-in
  • Real-time claim tracking as claims appear in each payer’s queue
  • Know what they Owe™ Patient Responsibility Estimator built-in
  • Obtain alerts during scheduling if the urologist is not authorized by the patient’s insurance
  • Urology scheduler is a powerful management / financial tool protecting revenue in advance with pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications
  • Solid management and financial Urology key performance indicators (KPIs), practice analytics / reports / dashboards
  • WindowOne™ architecture for reduced keystrokes and quick data visuals

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The Medics Suite for Larger Practices, Networked Urology Organizations, IGPs, IPAs, ACOs and MSOs!

  • Cloud or Customer Hosted (Client Server) implementations
  • Master Patient Index (MPI) architecture built in
  • Data views and reports across the enterprise, or by selected tax ID(s)
  • Reporting & interconnectivity as needed by ACOs, MSOs, IPAs, IGPs
  • Centralized or de-centralized scheduling per the group’s preference

RCM Services for Urology

Comprehensive, Outsourced Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

  • Ideal for Urology practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs
  • MedicsRCM uses Medics PM and EHR, or your own EHR interfaced with MedicsRCM
  • Clients have transparent, 24 x 7 x 365 access to all of their data

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“When a patient’s record is opened, virtually any and every piece of information needed on the patient becomes immediately available. Medications prescribed, test results, images, allergies, previous visit details…all of this is easily viewed directly from the patient’s record. The system is a pleasure to use, and the ROI it produces in terms of eliminated redundancy and manual drudgery is extraordinary.”


Steven Gronowitz, MD
Clifton, NJ