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Radiology Information System, Practice Management/Radiology Billing Software & EMR / EHR

Empowering Clients to Get Every Dollar for Every Visit while Increasing Efficiency!

ADS-RIS-DemoMedicsRIS supports capabilities that strengthen and maximize the business, financial, and clinical sides of any diagnostic/interventional Radiology practice, group, or network. MedicsRIS makes practice management a breeze.

MedicsRIS helps keep the referring network referring, engaged and perhaps expanding with:

  • EMRDirect enables radiologists to transmit their finalized reports securely back to virtually any referring physician’s EMR, and with no expensive HL7 interfaces!
  • ImageDirect allows for embedding links to patients’ images into EMRDirect reports giving referrers quick access to those images, as supported by the PACS
  • Prior Authorizations option saves time and protects revenue

MedicsPortal for physicians and patients keeps both groups engaged and connected. Referring physicians can use the portal for a number of different online connectivity/communication functions. Patients can complete forms and “paperwork” online and request their own appointments anytime 24 x 7 x 365. Your practice is never closed to them and electronic medical records are always available!  The portal creates significant efficiencies as patients can self-serve.

MedicsKiosk gives that same type of online connectivity from the reception area via tablet, laptop or desktop PCs. It helps eliminate clipboards of paper that need to be manually completed by patients, then with data entry by staff after deciphering handwriting. It’s excellent for patients who weren’t able to use the portal in advance and who are accompanied by a caregiver or a family member.

Protecting Revenue in Advance with batch-eligibility verifications through the Medics scheduler enough days in advance to alert patients when “red flags” are issued. Verifications can also be performed for same-day/emergency appointments.

The “know what they’ll Owe” patient responsibility estimator helps avoid surprises when patients get their statements showing their amounts due. In fact, your radiology practice will have a fighting chance of getting at least a partial payment today…maybe even a full payment!

Other MedicsRIS key revenue points:

  • MedicsSMS interactive appointment reminder texts to patients’ cellphones to dramatically reduce no-shows
  • A near 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims
  • HCFA, Workers Compensation, and No-Fault claims
  • Medics Claims denial manager for “on the fly” editing and resubmitting of claims
  • Real-time claim tracking as they appear in payers’ queues to ensure yours are being worked, not ignored
  • MedicsCollect with collection agency-level functionality for larger, high-volume radiology organizations
  • System-produced patient statements or very economical offsite statements, or e-statements with built-in secure patient pay online

Attorneys and Cases  

  • Patient attorney management and database supporting multiple attorneys per patient
  • Supports an unlimited number of cases per patient

Advanced Scheduler and Workflow

  • Centralized or de-centralized scheduling that works well in radiology practices
  • Multi-modality scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, pre-certification lists
  • Advanced medical billing software helps your radiology practice maximize patient flow and workflow, diagnostic equipment, and resources
  • A practice management solution designed by experts and customizable for every medical practice.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Reporting and Business Analytics

  • Powerful financial and operational data with highly user-defined parameters
  • User-defined roll-up or specific report configurations is ideally suited for radiology practices
  • Our medical billing software allows you to view financials in any number of formats  
  • Reports can be configured and saved, and be scheduled to process automatically
  • Data pieces can be drilled into for expanded detail to expedite medical billing and practice management
  • Virtually all reports are exportable to Excel™ including patient billing, medical billing, and more.  Cloud based EHR records are securely and conveniently stored. 

Thousands of providers and system users nationwide rely on solutions from ADS

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RCM Services for Radiology

Comprehensive, Outsourced Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

  • MedicsRCM uses the Medics Suite for Radiology
  • Clients have secure, transparent, and unfettered access to their data, to the extent they want
  • Browser-based access from anywhere with an internet connection

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“Our systems from ADS have produced an immeasurable return on investment and efficiencies throughout the practice in terms of maximized productivity and workflow.”


Marc Prager, MD, Medical Director
University Diagnostic Medical Imaging, P.C.