About Us

Your Stability and Reliability Source for Healthcare Systems Since 1977

Our Mission since 1977 has been to supply the leading state-of-the-art physician software solutions, noted for their vastly superior efficiency, resulting in optimum productivity by requiring the least number of keystrokes and mouse clicks. Complementing our software solutions, our mission has also been to provide our customers with the finest Training, Support, and Service.

Our Vision since 1977 is to ensure that our software solutions meet the challenges of the Healthcare Industry where changes are frequent and often dramatic.

Since the company’s inception, we have been focused on delivering superior products backed by equally superior customer support. Our history of stability and reliability is extraordinary, especially in an industry where company names and ownerships change almost daily.

While we have grown tremendously over the years, our company’s ownership and name remain constant, with a solidly committed staff representing hundreds of years of combined industry experience.

In addition to the world class Medics solutions produced by our company, we are dedicated to absolute client satisfaction with detailed and carefully pre-planned Implementations, Comprehensive Training, and excellent ongoing Support and Updates.

Your Self-Contained, Single Stop for Software and Service

Our self-containment benefits our customers tremendously since we produce the software we market and sell. We also provide company-based Implementation, training, Software and IT Support, and Updates.

By working directly with customers in every aspect of the business, we ensure that we retain a clear understanding of our customers’ needs while developing personalized service and support that result in outstanding customer satisfaction.