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You Are ADS

Websites showing group pictures of employees typically display “We Are” wording, and then the company’s name.

With ADS, we know the company is you.

We know that you are our most important asset…an asset never taken for granted or lightly. We’ve known since 1977 the trust you’ve placed in us to produce superior systems that keep you at the top of your game in practice management, and at your optimal level in managing and recording patients’ clinical and medical information.

Over the decades you have relied on ADS to keep you ahead of hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of payer and governmentally required changes, and on certifications such as Meaningful Use stages 1 and 2, and ICD-10.

Sure…the picture above is a partial snapshot of our more than two hundred ADS employees, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction with ADS and our Medics Solutions Suite.

But our most important people - you - are always in the picture.


You and Us

Over the years you have probably known of colleagues who were passed from one vendor to another, or who were completely abandoned with no vendor. ADS clients have never experienced that because our outstanding, almost forty year record of stability and reliability is extraordinary.

Since our inception in 1977, we have been focused on delivering superior software and technology backed by equally superior Implementation, Training, and Support.

ADS remains an independent, privately owned, easily accessible company that operates without layers of hierarchy and corporate bureaucracy. You’ll like that we’re human, reachable, and committed to your satisfaction.


Your Team

Your ADS Team is industrious, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

The New Accounts Team works closely with you as you transition into your Medics system(s) with implementation, training, data conversions, and interfaces. The IT Team assists you with hardware, networking, internet, disaster recovery if needed, and more. You can rely on the Support Team to help with questions and assistance as needed.

The focus is always on you, and on making your practice or RCM company shine with Team ADS!

Why ADS?


“ADS is a great company staffed with caring and knowledgeable people ready to assist with anything or everything. The entire experience was and is wonderful, from the Implementation team to Training to Support. And again, the company’s stability is a factor not to be overlooked.”

Steven Gronowitz MD

Steven Gronowitz, MD
Clifton, NJ

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