Partner Program

The ADS Partner Program is designed for consultants and value added resellers (VARs) that offer services and products complementary to ADS’ medical automation solutions.

Referral Partners

The ADS Referral Program is the quickest and easiest way to join our partner program. It’s a great way to get started working with the ADS team and allows you to begin offering a proven medical automation solution to your customers immediately.

The ADS Sales Department would help determine the prospect’s needs, and based on that, present the system overview after which an initial system configuration can be developed and reviewed with the prospect. As the ADS Partner, you would also be involved in the process, to the extent you wish. You are then compensated on a percentage basis when the prospect becomes a client.

ADS performs the Implementation, Training and ongoing Support/Updates.

As an ADS Partner, there are no minimum required number of presentations or sales.

Reseller Partners

As an ADS Reseller, your involvement is much more extensive to the point where you are essentially doing it all:  identifying your own prospects, determining needs, presenting the software, creating and reviewing the configuration with the prospect, and moving the prospect to becoming a client. Resellers typically handle financing or work with their own leasing companies (they can also work with ADS’ leasing companies). As well, Resellers perform their own system installations, system training and ongoing first-line support. Updates are provided to the Reseller by ADS who in turn implements them on their clients’ systems.

ADS makes its MedicsDocAssistant EHR, MedicsPremier PM, and the MedicsRIS  (for ADS Resellers who have radiology prospects) available as a completely unified, single solution or separately per the needs of the practice. ADS Resellers have that same flexibility. The Medics Suite is available either as Client Server or ASP / SaaS and again, ADS Resellers can do the same. Clients of ADS Resellers can opt for either format, with the Reseller acting as the host for their own clients or by utilizing an outside hosting company.

ADS Resellers also work with their own sources for hardware, or provide hardware themselves, including networking, internet, etc.

ADS can assist with things such as data conversions and interfaces, but ADS Resellers may also perform these services.

Generally speaking, ADS Resellers are really operating their own businesses, with the financial rewards being substantially higher than can be derived as an ADS Partner. Of course, the effort and responsibility is much greater. Resellers derive revenue by reselling the Medics Suite, and by charging fees for implementation, training, and support. Resellers can host their own User Groups, produce their own newsletters, upgrade their own hardware, etc.

ADS Resellers usually have an existing group of prospects to whom they can promote and sell the Medics Suite, but that is not a requirement. There are requirements as to a minimum numbers of sales, costs for becoming an ADS Reseller, business ethics to be followed, etc.

Become a Partner