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Practice Management & Medical Billing Software

The ICD-10 compliant system that gets you paid.

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Flexible. Reliable. Easy-to-Use. And Gets You Paid.

Getting paid may not be everything, but it’s close. MedicsPremier enables that with a remarkable 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims as reported by Emdeon. Add to that its CPT / DG linking, Auto-Eligibility Checking and Auto-Modifiers, patient / provider credentialing, copayment displays, and more, MedicsPremier really is the system that gets you paid!


ICD-10 Ready!

The built-in Medics ICD-10 Code Converter is a simple, easy-to-use mechanism that displays ICD-9 to ICD-10 code equivalents, either by the current ICD-9 code or by a text description of the code. The most appropriate ICD-10 code is selected and the claim is submitted in ICD-10 code format. MedicsPremier will have ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes available simultaneously for any payers who may still require ICD-9 codes after the ICD-10 deadline date.

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Schedule smarter

The MedicsPremier Scheduler is a powerful management tool for generating revenue, workflow, and productivity. Tons of other tasks and actions can be completed through the scheduler with the built-in Audit Trail continually monitoring users’ activity.

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Denial Management

The Medics Claims Denial Manager is used for the small number of denials that may occur. Denied claims and their reasons for denial are displayed, corrections can be made by the user and then be resubmitted “on the fly” turning denied claims into reimbursements, all from a single window view.

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Report better

Clients access real-time management and analytics dashboards instantaneously and so much more. Hundreds of MedicsPremier reports are used for A/R, Practice Analysis, insurance reimbursements, comparisons, productivity, and so much more, including the ability to export reports to Excel. The detailed built-in MedicsPremier Audit Trail automatically tracks system activity by user.

  • Expensive, add-on report writing utilities not needed
  • Virtually every data field is reportable
  • Drill-down into details when needed
  • Easily export reports to Excel™
  • Reports are configurable to process on specific dates and / or times
  • System response time is not degraded while reports are compiling

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Key Features

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Our cash flow increased dramatically while still allowing us to produce good documentation of our clinical work. Some features of importance include the ability to attach electronic notes to patients’ records, to invoke their records easily, to handle coding requirements, E/M coding, and so much more automatically has made a huge difference in workflow, efficiency and overall operation.”


John Getgey, Clinical Director
BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Services

“The entire Medics PM Suite from ADS is incredibly efficient, which is what we want. The object is to minimize keystrokes in collecting and posting payments, especially since we process thousands of patient claims per day, or roughly 2 million claims per year.”


Gary Roth, President and CEO
East Meadow Management Group (EMMG)

“I value the user friendliness of the system because that is really important to our productivity when hiring new employees. It is a short learning curve. I value the system’s cost effectiveness. I value the ADS team. They have always been quick and responsive to any questions. Finally, I value the ADS culture which is a lot like CPR’s: a family. Having that in a solutions partner who also provides excellent software is priceless.”

Lisa Boyd, President and Founder
Certified Physician Reimbursements (CPR)

Boost your profitability and productivity with proven clinical, financial, and management automation.

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